Monday, October 28

NOTD: Boo yah!! My halloween Nail Art for 2013

Hi guys, just to let you know,  this is my first nail art, yes I am a first timer and I only did it once, so proud !!! But  my nail design is not my original design I just copied it via Google and thanks to those bloggers who shared their artistic design & hoping to make my own design soon since I have 2 months before going back at work. Thank you. So, what color & tools I've used? Check this out...
Tools that I've used are all came from Girls Stuff Forever I bought it at SM Megamall. I love my brushes design floral na floral... hehehe.  And since I don't have a mixing plate I just used a cellophane wrapping foil.

And here are my lovely polish... BNC, CHIC, ORLY & BOBBIE. Hehehehe.. Sayang if I just going to used them to be plain as it is... Since I have a lot of nail polish its time to used them for artistry.. muah!!! ♥♥♥

And this is my finish product. It is fun pala and feel proud after. More nail art soon... hehehehe.. Hope you like it.

Monday, September 30

It's Back!!! Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (Sandy Beige)

At long last Maybelline  Dream Matte Mousse Foundation is back. The last time I had this was way back 2011 or 2010, I cannot really remember the exact year, sorry. Some of us purchase online just to have it, but now it is already available again here in the Philippines and I got mine at SM Megamall beauty section.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation is my first choice before the Aqua Gel Foundation. Well it's a bit pricey compare to their other foundation, but satisfaction makes me go back.
So here are the things that I like about this product ♥♥♥

Thursday, August 8

Product Review: Avon Super SHOCK Max Mascara

Hello ladies and Avon ladies!!! It's been a while at nagpapramdam nanaman ako. Hehehe and I got another product review for you. Here we go.

Avon super shock mascara is one of my all time favorite since 2008, before it goes with color a black tube and the brush is not twisted like this. Same thick plastic wand as before, same smell but the formula for this new one is thicker. I got these  last July brochure issue for Php. 249 only and I got mine on black.

Saturday, July 6

MAC Russian Red & Taupe

I'm back... I'm back... I'm back.. For real naba ito? That is I don't know. It is so hard to manage everything between family, work and blogging. Kaya hibernate lang paminsan - minsan. Hihihi... And here is my super late post.

I've been using this 2 lovely MAC Matte lippie for 7 months now, but I am not wearing them always, I have a lot of lipstick din kasi that's way Im used to wear different shades everyday, para di masayang. At first, I am hesitating to buy these two becaue it is too expensive and out of my budget, but since I got my first incentive last year, super grab talaga ako. Hihihi

And I love them na talaga ♥ MAC Matte lippies  is pricey bec. it cost Php. 1000/ each, but this is super pigmented and perfect with my skin. I love the smell, one application will do but the only problem is, It doesn't stay long after eating. My rating will be 4/5..

So girls. Hope you like it. Till may next post. X♥X♥

Friday, February 22

Belle de Jour 2013

At last I got my Belle de Jour lifestyle card. :) and I got my BDJ power planner last December after I got my Starbucks Planner, a lot of planner huh?... I love to write with pen and paper and I don't know why, I love collecting pen and stationary w/c my daughter supports me because she can use it and play with it.  I write a lot of things from the simplest and to the crazies day of my life and what I love about BDJ planner is that, they have a lot of surprise things for us girls, beside of the discount coupon, this planner will keep you organized with your plans and I love their quotes and tips. I love the cash flow and the Checklist section, nakaka challenge. So here is my BDJ planner and card.

I know some of you girls already have your planner na but have you got your card already? and have you used it na?