Saturday, July 24

Colour Collection Lipstick by:Tupperware Brands

The first time that i saw Bea Alonzo wearing a hot pink lipstick on her Teleserye "MAGKARIBAL", i really surf the net right away, checking every forums and blog, just to check if someone knows the brand of Bea Alonzo's lipstick.

Then someone from pinoy exchange forum quoted that maybe she is wearing the Color Collection Lipstick Bea's endorsing now. I surf the net again and look for a pages and forum that can tell me where can i bought it. And finally, Google tells me that its a
Tupperware brand, and then yes! she is, bea is the endorser of this brand. So what i did is to surf the net again and again and again, looking for the nearest Tupperware dealer in Pasig but it's no where to find.

Good thing, my partner told mon (my gay friend) about this lipstick that i am looking for and then at last! Mon's sister is selling Tupperware brand.
And now i already have it. I have two color shade (Vintage and Electra). It's a matte lipstick has vitamin E and it has a sweet smell like chocolate. Another lipstick collection for me and I'm loving it!



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  1. Many thanks for the useful list of lipsticks from Tupperware brand. Apart from Tupperware's kitchen products and food storage items, it is doing an excellent job in dealing with beauty products, cosmetics and skin care products. One of the famous beauty care product from this company is Armand Dupree.


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