Friday, July 23

Sweethetia's history of Being KIKAY

I remember my mom use to put make up on me before she goes to work. She fix my hair put a big ribbon on it, put a little blush on my chick and lipstick as well. I even told my cousins that i am using a colored baby powdered and told them to ask their mom to buy them a colored baby powder as well, so at least were all wearing the same blush. Then when i turn 13 i ask my mom not to fix me anymore bec having a girly look in 1996 is not in demand those days. I remember having a half long hair and half shaved cut, then when you put ponytail on it it will show the barbers cut beneath. For you to visualized that, if you know BAMBOO MANALAC (Filipino rock vocalist) when he's still in rivermaya (Filipino band name), you know what hairstyle that I've got. But of course I've change because my dad though that i already lost my directions. He always telling me that i look like a "TAMBAY" or "ISTAMBAY" (Filipino word for a person who always wasting their time hanging out and not going to school or work). And he ask me to change, but i told him it's fashion. But of course he disagree. So to make my dad feel happy i change my look, back to the normal me. I think watching ANG TV of ABS-CBN helps me as well, bec i remember that i idolized Jolina Magdangal's hair color and the colorful nails. I even buy GREEN, RED, YELLOW nail polish and put an art on my nails using those color and i love putting a cute flower design on my nails. How did i do it? Simple. I colored my nails with the red polish, 2nd use green to put 5 dots on my nail as the petals of the flower and 3rd put a yellow dot in the middle complete my nail flower design. And i swear it's cute, try it. Then i also idolized Jolina wearing different shades of red lipstick and i even end up buying lipstick at SARA LEE and AVON dealers, but i only use it in the front of the mirror and removed it afterward before going out of of my bedroom, well of course, i was shy to use it in front of everybody because they might laugh at me. But my mom discovered my secret and she started sharing her make with me. And i love it! She even told me that when i was 5yrs old, i end up crying all day if she fails to put colored baby powder on me. So it means to say that being KIKAY is really on my blood.

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