Sunday, August 1

New Stuff from PORT 88 Bazaar

They said that buying signature stuff is just a waste of money? Well, they might have a point, but, buying in a bazaar for  signature stuff is not a waste of money. Hehehehe

I was present again on the nth MEGA TENT Bazaar the PORT 88. It's not the big tho, but this event has a lot of kikay clothes, bags, shoes and accessories to choose from. There's SO FAB, SUELAS, ROME, COLE VINTAGE, NIKE and allot more.

I just bought this cute pink sandals from SO FAB.They call it MILAN. I don't know why but they call it MILAN. A pink sandal that has a gold chain on it. I even thinking about buying COLE VINTAGE Php800.00 buy 1 take 1. But unfortunately , there's no more size for me, so i was end up buying SO FAB sandals.

I bought 2 rings from JEAN & ROSZ collection. One that has a JACK face on it (Nightmare Before Christmas) and the other one is  just a simple ring with a orange stone on it. 

Jack Ring

Ring with Orange stone?


My partner bought a funny shirt that has a print saying "I Love Cockroach" but the truth is she really... really... hates it. Shirt made by TOASTED.
Design by TOASTED

Here's a stall who's selling mugs from DISNEY store. All original from Disney price ranges from Php 400 to Php1,000. Not bad for collectible items.


I only got few picture of it. But i swear 3 hours of buying is not enough. Can't wait for the next Bazaar.

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