Tuesday, August 3

Poupee Girl

Poupee Girl, is a fashion social networking of all ages operated in Tokyo. This networking shows how fashionable women are, tho it may seems that it's just for kids but you can even use this to promote your products.(Poupee means doll in french.)

Every time you dress up they will give you ribbons. Free ribbons can be use to buy clothes for your avatar, dress them up as much as you like, you can even use ribbons to play games and won some clothes, shoes and accessories for your doll.

Monday, August 2

New makeup from IN2IT

I just got a new lipstick from IN2IT a hot pink shade with moisturizer on it. This lipstick is really good it even stay on my lips for like 8 hours of work. My friends even told me that it makes my face so clear wearing this color.

Moisture Release Lipstick of IN2it has a moisturizing beads containing lip plumping and nourishing ingredients that are released onto the lips during wear. It contains sweet almond oil, prime rose oil, vitamin E and it has a SPF15 to protect you lips!

Sunday, August 1

New Stuff from PORT 88 Bazaar

They said that buying signature stuff is just a waste of money? Well, they might have a point, but, buying in a bazaar for  signature stuff is not a waste of money. Hehehehe

I was present again on the nth MEGA TENT Bazaar the PORT 88. It's not the big tho, but this event has a lot of kikay clothes, bags, shoes and accessories to choose from. There's SO FAB, SUELAS, ROME, COLE VINTAGE, NIKE and allot more.