Monday, August 2

New makeup from IN2IT

I just got a new lipstick from IN2IT a hot pink shade with moisturizer on it. This lipstick is really good it even stay on my lips for like 8 hours of work. My friends even told me that it makes my face so clear wearing this color.

Moisture Release Lipstick of IN2it has a moisturizing beads containing lip plumping and nourishing ingredients that are released onto the lips during wear. It contains sweet almond oil, prime rose oil, vitamin E and it has a SPF15 to protect you lips!

And for my eyebrow, i got this waterproof eyebrow color with moisturizer and Vitamin E, it has 3 shades, Light brown, Medium and Dark Brown. You can even use this for a year! Promise! Because my mom had one too!

ER 01 Eyebrows
3 color shades
Till the next shop!!! Cheers!


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