Tuesday, August 3

Poupee Girl

Poupee Girl, is a fashion social networking of all ages operated in Tokyo. This networking shows how fashionable women are, tho it may seems that it's just for kids but you can even use this to promote your products.(Poupee means doll in french.)

Every time you dress up they will give you ribbons. Free ribbons can be use to buy clothes for your avatar, dress them up as much as you like, you can even use ribbons to play games and won some clothes, shoes and accessories for your doll.

Cute items of Poupee Bianca
You can also leave message to our friends post to get ribbons as well, or vice versa. They will also leave comments on  your personal post, you can post anything clothes, makeup and accessories. But there's a rule in posting. Make sure that the picture you post is yours.

Friends in Poupee
Here is my avatar, I've been playing Poupee since 2006 but i stop last 2007 because of my job. But now i'm back to play again just for fun. If you want to have your own poupee avatar just check ouy there website.

Sweetie's Avatar

Have a sweet day!

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