Wednesday, December 28

New things and New me for 2012

Before anything else, i would like to great you a Happy 2012 to my friends and fellow bloggers, wish you all the luck and happiness on this coming 2012.

Ok, so now let me share to you some of the things i got this month. First, first i got a chance to be with my family on Dec. 24, 2011 before going to work. Second, i got a special gift from my partner, a lovely 88 matte eyeshadow pallet from props. I't was a great full moment for me because she really make an effort and show appreciation on that things that i love to do and it's one of he greatest gift ever.

3rd gift that i got is from my family and friends. It was a meaning full moment as well because even-though i am not around, never forget me on Christmas. 4th gift is from me when is bough this lovely earrings from F21. It really brings me back on my childhood days and i bought this one on Christmas day while waiting for my partner at SM Megamall.

This earrings cost 305.00php, i know that its kinda expensive but i am into the quality of the product. When i got home i put a top coat nail polish right away so that i can maintain its color and quality, since i am acidic.

The good thing that i love about the earrings is that, it's is easy to pair it on different types of clothes and it really looks cute on my ears. hihihihi.. and the 5th gift that i got is when i colored my hair... owww... yes i colored it!!!

I was suppose to do hair rebonding, but because of my shift schedule, if i do rebond it will take 6 to 7 hrs and i will not enjoy my day off. And since i have a natural curly hair i just decide to go to a good salon and let them fix it and color it. It was December 23 when i decided to go to Vivere salon at SM Megamall, and i went there for like around 3pm, at that time there's really allot of customer, at first i only want to have a hair cut, then they offer me to have a hair color too. Ok, i said yes, though it was really expensive, but still... i give it at shot. I though i will be having a great outlook after the color but when i got home i notice that there's a uneven color ( pachi-pachi), so i went back to their salon on December 25 and the stylist really say sorry and fix my hair for free, so what he did, he put highlights on it and add colors again, for its to blend well and do some small treatment and  there you go the out come is much better. ( Buti nalng bumalik ako or else na sayang pera ko. ) :P . Now, i don't have any reason not to go to salon every month, since i went back to my old curly hair, i have to do allot of hair treatment to maintain the good curls and needs to apply mousse everyday.

So there you go i hope you like it and then again, Happy New Year every one. How about you? do you have a my goods stuff to share before New Year?

Sunday, December 25

New found Matte Nail Polish

Merry Christmas everyone !!! Hope you had a great Christmas. Me, i spend my Christmas in the office, talking with mah... customers. To ease my loneliness on Christmas eve, let me share my happiness with my new found nail polish.

So let me introduce you to Capher nail art. Capher nail art is a Korean owned store. They Offer tones of nail polishes that you can use every day and for special occasions. They also introduce different tools and nail pen for nail arts.

The good thing about there polishes is that the matte effect stays long compare to other well known brands and their prices range to  85php to 300pesos depending of the polish effects.

Their prices are affordable for me because you can have a matte nail polish like this for 120php at 12ml.oz bottle, which i think is allot compare to other brands.

Though you cannot get this on your nearest store, but they have branches in Robinson's Galleria and Market market.

And as you can see this is the first time i saw a nail polish bottle that has a expiration date and these polishes are made in Korea. The polish that you will see below is one of their best seller, the Matte Top coat.

CNA matte top coat is 120php as well with a 14ml oz bottle, expiration and with p; precautions of course. The reason why i bought this so that i don't have to buy allot of matte polishes since i still have polishes that i can make it matte. Here is the experiment that i did with my 4 caronia polishes.

Black Velvet, Desire, On the go and baby pink

As you can see i does react on my 4 polishes but not on the Black velvet, maybe because it is not compatible with a velvet polish? LOL... But i don't care, as long as it is effective and can help me do a different effects on my old polishes and i am so loving it. I was thinking of buying their glittery polishes, but Christmas is definitely over, so no need. 

So their you go girls i hope you like it and how about you, have you tried it na?

Monday, December 19

Product Review: St. Ives Apricot Scrubs

For the past few days i really got allot of break outs due to stress and lack of sleep.  Good thing those sleepless nights are over. Any way, during my stressful days i decided to change may facial scrub with St. Ives Apricot scrubs blemish and blackhead control and changing my toner as well.

The reason why i change to this scrubs, because it has salicylic acid that helps dry up the pimples. When i was in high school, i am not fond of buying toner as always, because is just let my mom buy for it when she remember it, but the usual way of getting rid of those pimples before is buy putting salicylic acid on my pimples to dries up quickly and it really really works. I also bought a toner that has salicylic acid too which is from Eskinol. I love using it and matching this with Queen Helen's facial mask, will dries up pimples much faster.

St. Ive's if for 130+ or 150+ only in any department store nationwide. I really suggest you grab one now because i definitely recommend this to all of you and i will sure gonna grab another one. I'll give them a 5/5 rating. A not expensive and affordable product.

Tuesday, December 6

Product Review: Loreal HYDRAFRESH

Hiyah!!! Sorry for being mia this past few days, i cannot use the computer, since my partner is using it for 12 long hours and i don't like using laptop. And now before she starts her work, i ask her to borrow our PC for 10mins just to post something here in my blog. Here we go.

Are you looking for a moisturizer and a anti-shine before applying your make up? Are you looking for a product that will help you look fresh for long long hours? with or without a make-up?. So here's your answer, LOreal  Paris Icy Gel Hydrafresh anti-shine.

Loreak says. " Pollution, humidity and stressful lifestyle can provoke an excessive sebum production. Hot and damp climate can also cause perspiration: skin loses water, becomes dehydrated, yet appears shiny." Which is true, and  i may say i am those Filipina who experience pollution everyday by waiting for a jeep, taxi and FX, hot  weather, etc. I just wish that all of us can afford to buy a car. :D This product is the first product loreal created using a deep marine source of water, which is enriched with minerals to help prevent water loss and to improve skin moisture.

What i l♥ve about this product:

  • It is not expensive and i only bought it for 381php
  • It is not sticky when you apply it.
  • I love the minty feeling and fresh feeling after application.
  • It really help you not to have a shiny face, with or without a make up.
  • I love the gel because it is not warm when you apply it , unlike the cream based one.
  • It really moisturize my skin for long long hours.
  • I love the matte effect when you apply it, you cannot even see that you apply a moisturizer. 

What i don't like about this product:
  • I doesn't have its own spatula.
My R♥ting: 5/5, this is a perfect product for me and it don't give me any breakouts.

I recommend this product to those Filipina who are always expose to pollution everyday , this product is really best for those girls who has shiny skin type and I've been using this product for almost 2months already and will surely gonna buy my 2nd bottle.. How about you, what moisturizer are you using before applying your make up

Wednesday, November 30

Getting addicted with matte nail polish

Owww yes!!! 25 days before Christmas and in the mood of matte nail polishes. It gives me a different nail look every-time i wear it. That's why i bought my first ever matte nail polish from Etude house. And this is the first ever etude product that i bought. Hehehe. My partner don't about know this.

I bought this for 98php, and the bottle is so small and i think the bottle is for 10ml only. When you are applying a mate polish, make sure to apply it fast because it easily dries up and the polish is getting sticky when it expose to much.

Sorry for the mess
I love the polish but the matte don't last too long and it shines a bit after 6 hrs. But the god thing about this product is that, it doesn't dries my nails and you can easily remove it. So for those girls "who haven't" got it yet, grab one now and visit your near Etude store.

Product Review: Nichido Final Powder

" Picture perfect-skin in any light, highlights you with soft sheer, flawless effect that keeps natural glow, with this final touch, it even skin-tone and disguising imperfection." - NICHIDO

Yes, that what nichido says about their new product "FINAL POWDER". These powder is loose powder and you can only apply it after putting make-up. I choose SO NATURAL because it blends well on my skin color. Their container is well sealed and it comes with a powder sponge.And I've been using this powder for more than a month now. 

What i like about the product:
  • Its not expensive for 135.00php only
  • NO allergic reaction.
  • I does give me a good final touch after putting maker up.
  • I can also use this with out make up and it give me a fresh look.

What i don't like about this product:
  • I don't like the smell
  • You have to open the powder filter , if you wanna get more powder.
Will i gonna buy again? Yes.
Rating: 4/5

I recommend this product for those girls who is fond of using loose powder like me. You can get this powder in any department store near you.

Wednesday, November 23

Product Review: Bench Matte Sculpting Wax

Are you tired of seeing those tangled hairs? well, here's my solution. Try bench fix professional matte sculpting wax, it has a strong hold and less shine when you apply it on your hair.

What i love about this product:

  • Inexpensive and its only for 50+php only.
  • Handy
  • I love the smell
  • When you apply the wax in your hair, its really visible
  • It is not sticky
  • It can last for 12hrs in your hair.
  • It is not hard to remove when you take a bath.
What i don't like:
  • can't think of anything.
Rating: 5/5 and i will buy again and again.

I am using  their Bench fix clay before, but i stop using it because it is so hard to remove when you wash your hair. So, have you already tried this?

Tuesday, November 22

Thanks Diane!!!!

Again, thanks Diane for this lovely gifts and sorry again if our meet up didn't push thru and i know you already know what happen. Thanks again for this lovely gift. 

The reason why i am thanking Diane is because, i won on her give away last month and it was really a surprising day for me when Gen texted me and informed me about my prizes. Hihihi thanks din babe. So here's my winning items from Diane.

ES Lashes A009 10pairs from KKCenterHK
LORAC Eyeshadow in Garnet
Authentic Bench Native Fashionable Tote Bag (Large)
Bare Minerals Mini Pure Radiance All over Face Color
Bare Minerals New BUXOM Lash Mascara- Black (Full sized)
Zena Big & Healthy Lip Polish
Bare Minerals Mini Face Brush

12 amazing products from Human nature which my love ones are eyeing for.

It's really allot and i can't wait to write a review about these, but i might review some of it, since most of it has already been snatched by my sissy. :( And again, thank you Diane.

Thursday, November 17

Product Review: Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm

The next generation of lip balm is born and this is what Maybelline New York says, and they created a lip balm that provides SPF20 to protect your lips from sun rays, win or cold temperature. And Baby lip can shed away rough dryness.

This is the first a lip balm that i used that has a SPF20 and i will give 2 thumbs up for Maybelline. I really need this product that's why i bought it. I am commuter, i always ride jeep, fx and i have to wait for like 15mins just to get a ride and the sun is so hot in the afternoon and having a afternoon shift really pissed me off.

What i love about this product:

  • The minty smell.
  • It smoothens my lips.
  • Affordable for 79php.
  • Easy to find.
  • Handy
What i don't like:
  • Can't think of anything.
Rating: 5/5 and will continue to buy this.

So girls if you are looking for a lip protection, grab Maybelline Baby lip now. How about you? what is you lip protection?

Wednesday, November 16

Product Review: Pure Beauty Super Brightening Eye Gel

I know that i've been so quite this past few days. It is a painful week for me and my family and i know some of you know what happen.

So for me to cope up to you guys, i will share my experience using Pure Beauty's Super Brightening Eye gel. This eye gel is made in Korea and it was endorse/market by Watson Philippines.

The reason why i bought this product is because of the dark circles around my eyes. Thou i was born morena but having a dark eye bags really makes me look so tired and masungit. But thanks to concealers and make-up foundation to cover those dark spots, but of-course my face needs to breath from make-up and sometimes we had those lazy days not putting any make-up especially on those hot weather times.

So now girls, let me share to you how great this product is. I know there are some reviews that says they're not happy with this because puffiness is still showing. Well, c'mon girls this is a product to brightens the dark circle not a miracle gel for puffiness.

What i love about this product:
  • It's not too expensive and it only cost 183php
  • No allergic reaction
  • No bad smell
  • It has a sexy tube and it is not messy to use.
  • I does lightens my eyes.
What i don't like about this product:
  • can't think of anything
Will i gonna buy again?: Probably yes, if they still have this in the market.

Rating: 4/5

Here is the sample picture of before and after i use this product. And for your information, i am using this product for 1 month na.

So there you go girls i hope you like it. This is one of the best product that I've used. And i do recommend this product

Sunday, November 6

Product Review: Island Basics Body Scrubs Green Tea and Olive

Are you a body scrub lover like me? So if you are let me share to you my experience with Island basics body scruds. Island basics body scrubs has a all natural ingredients and it have a VCO ( virgin coconut oil content) which i find healthy. This body scrub gently expoliate your skin to remove deep seated dirt for you to have a smoother and healthier skin.

The one that i am using right now is their Green Tea and olive body scrub, it is a anti-aging scrub. This scrub has Vit E, VCO, Japanese green tea and olive oil, olive extracts, apricot seeds and foaming lotion. These contents are proven ingredients that are good for our skin.

Here is how this scrubs look like.  The leaves that you can see are the Japanese Tea and the small dot on the picture are the apricot seeds. So let me tell you my ratings for this item.

What i love about this product:
  • It is affordable for 150php
  • I love the smell
  • You can feel that your skin absorbs the oil while scrubbing
  • Its has VCO, it means it is really healthy.
What i don't like about this product
  • Because it has a real Japanese tea leaves on it, it will definitely fall on your bathroom floor while scrubbing, and you have to clean the floor or the drainage after your bath.
Overall rating: 8/10 and i do recommend this products to you girls. So for those interested with Island basic products you can visit their  website: and like them at facebook: island basics Philippines.

This is their other scrub. I am sure you will like it.

Product Review & NOTD: Cracked nails using Klean color and caronia

Hello ladies, today let me share to you my experience using Klean Color cracked nail polish. I bought this polish from props and cosmetics for 180php and i also use caronia platinum silver as the base.

Saturday, November 5

Product Review: Island Basics Bug off spray

Hello ladies,

Again sorry for being lazy posting stuff her on my blog, again im busy with work last month but like what i promise to you i will going to post allot of things for November. Let me starts with a non-make up related product but this will help you to have a relaxing living. Let me start by introducing Island Basics.

Island basics was formed by Patricia and decided to make their own all-natural products. They want to create a product that is environmental friendly and good for our skin too. Their products are locally made with a reasonable price. So let me share to you their island basics bug off spray.

DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE. On of the big hitch here in the Philippines, this decease can hit anyone, no age limit. Good thing, there are companies who provides prevention's with this type of decease.  But of course prevention should comes to us first, by cleaning our neighborhood and avoiding things that will cause this deceases .

And that's why Island basic create a spray to shoo these little devils or what we called mosquito's. IB bug off spray consists of  ethyl alcohol, essential oils of lemongrass and mandarin. This smell can keep insects away. you just need to spray this to your upholstery and curtains.

What i like about the product:
    - It has a relaxing smell everytime i spray it in my bed and my sofa
    - NO allergic reaction, since i am a asthmatic person
    - It's a budget friendly product. for 180php.
    - It is really effective in keeping those mosquito's away.

What i don't like about the product:
   - For me it only last for 4 hrs. But my partner said she can still smell it until the next day.

Friday, November 4

I support KMBI

I am proud to say that I support KMBI. And what is KMBI? KMBI is a non-profit organization, a Christ-centered organization who provides microfinance service for poor, trainings and values formations. And they have a good impact with their clients for 25 years.

They focuses their attention to poor entrepreneurial women and these are those women who stay at home and micro-financing helps them to support their family income by being self employed. This year they already conducted a environmental projects and one of their project is what they called “ Beauty with a conscience”

Beauty with a conscience project is a growing awareness to battle climate change and to educate people on the impact of human consumption. This project will allow other companies to support our environment by giving at least one peso per sold item and they call it "Piso para sa KMBI" project.
Any environmental company can be a KMBI partner and the donation will help KMBI to do their project like, river clean ups, urban gardening, recycling, clean up drives, waterways de-clogging, tree and mangrove planting.

So if you want to battle climate change and you want to help our environment, act now and do your part. Like what KMBI’s doing, they save lives and help our environment. For more information about KMBI and their updated project you can visit their website .

Sunday, October 30

Product Review: NICHIDO True Colors Collection eyeshadow

This review should have been done last month and i forgot about it because last month is my training and adjustment period and i am having a hard time managing things that why i forgot to post it. Let me start with my review.

Nichido true colors collection eyeshadow can be bought on individual shade or in sets. This individual shades is very handy and i can even put in on my pocket and coin purse. The colors are so pigmented and easy to apply.

You can buy this products for 68php each.  As you can see some times we tend to buy a set of eyeshadows because of 1 or 2 colors that we like and  having an individual shades has more grams/color compare to a set.

And the reason why i choose this shade because it is a earth tone color and i can use it everyday in the office. But of course i am still thinking of buying more colorful pallete so that i can play with it and used it on my party party days.

Getting a drug store make-up is ok because if its budget friendly and there shades last for long long year. What i mean is that they are evolving in terms of there products but old school colors are still there. And these products are easily to find.

I think Nichido true colors collection has 10 or 12 colors in the market. And i just recently buy there pure white color shade. So girls if you wanna try this out. Just go to your nearest mall and grab one now. Happy weekend again.

Haul: Last October haul

This is my last haul for October and will make a review about these products by November. I am so sorry if i am on and off on my blog. I've been super busy with my work and with my daughter since its their sem-break.

Good thing that there's an October sale in megamall, that's why i bought some of these products on sale. And if you want to have a weekend shopping today, just drop at megamall and get your favorite items for a discounted price.

I do love shopping especially on those in need days & if i really really need to buy things for myself , but i  make sure that i will buy it all in one time and i make sure that these things can be used in months since money matters to me nowadays and need to save allot for our future. Thank you GOD for the blessings.

Sunday, October 23

Collective Haul for October

Hiyah!!! Hows your weekend girls? Me i just had this meet and greet with aya and marg of KMBI yesterday at trinoma. Me and aya just did a little shopping after the meet and greet with marg and we just had a little chit chat lang, since it's almost late na din and i have to go for the last ride of MRT going home.

Anyway. here is my collective  haul for October:

Thursday, October 20

Product Review: Mousse Concealer by Everbilena

Looking for a good concealer is very hard especially if you do have dark eye circles like me. I was looking for Maybelline mousse concealer but it's no longer available. That's why i ended buying Everbilena product again. At first i was thinking twice about it, but when the sales lady tried to put it on my eyes i was amaze, it is a good thing i am not wearing make that day.  And i badly need a new concealer to hide my tired eye in the office. So let me share to you my new found baby.

It is a 12g mousse concealer with a light and handy well sealed container. You ca bring it in the office and it is space friendly for your make up kit.

Monday, October 17

Outlet SALE and Props tools and cosmetics visit

Last week is a sales week for everybody from Friday to Sunday. Everybody's getting gaga to go to malls and do early Christmas shopping. Me i go gaga on paying the bills and rent. Lord give me strength. Anyway, since shopping is my stress reliever i go to Tiendesita's outlet sale just to buy at least one item to pamper myself and the place is just 10 steps away from the office.

There are some good items available on their outlet sale but none of them impress me. What i just did i grab a reva rubber sandals for Php215 so that i can use it on rainy season. Here are the picture that i took while checking the bazaar.

Next stop is Props tools and cosmetics. I order online for 32 lippie under Gellie's affiliate page, but sad the 32 lippie is out of stock, that's why i ended buying klean colours crack polish. I suppose to grab the 88 matte pallete but i was thinking to buy it if my partner is not there. Hehehe. Because i don't want to hear "eyeshadow again?!!" :( But i will go there next payday and grab the palette, but ate the store keeper said that they will launch new items by November, so i will going to check it out. Here is the photos that i took in there store.
So for those who haven't heard about props here is there website . Or visit their store at Fashion Village in Tiendesitas.

Thursday, October 13

Got my prize: H&M leather bands

Again and again, thank you so much MAR of NYOBQ for this lovely giveaway and i even say WOW with a loud tone of voice when i got your message, good thing i was in the front my monitor that night and my trainer just think that i was amaze with our topic. LOL .

I am wasn't aware that i won because i was busy on training for the past 3weeks and i am super information overload when i got home and sometimes fail to read blog na nga e. Sorry girls. But at least i learned to manage my time na, 20% on blogging 40% for my job and 40% with me and my family. My partner is happy na nga e, because she can use the computer anytime she like, unlike before when i resign and stuck for 2 months, blogging is 50% of my life. Hihihi.

So now girls here's my lovely gifts from Mar.

This lovely bands was deliver via courier and i didn't took the picture of the courier package since my and mar's details are on it. This is such a lovely bands, i like this because, i didn't get any skin irritation when i try it on. The leather texture has no warm feeling wheny ou wear it. And the charm on it is not heavy and that's what i like. So girls if you want to have a fab and posh giveaways or experience this as well, better read / always read Mar's blog, because she definitely give unique giveaway. Thanks MAR again and again. And thanks you for being so friendly. Muah!

Tuesday, October 11

Product Review: Everbilena Pink Flame Matte Lipstick

New found baby from everbilena. Another matte lipstick collection and it's a good buy for me since my colour collection vintage matte lipstick is saying goodbye. I was so luck when i bought this, because it's a new delivery and i saw the sales agent doing her inventory for there new stock. Lucky me....

What i love about this product:

  • It's is so pigmented.
  • A perfect matte lipstick for me.
  • Easy to find product.
  • No allergic reaction.
  • Affordable and it's only Php 125.00
  • No bad smell.
What i don't like about the product:
  • It's not long lasting and you need to apply it again after eating.
Will i buy again? YES and it's a recommendable products. 5/5 rating

If you want to know why i love Everbilena product click here and for you to see my other EB matte lipstick.

Sunday, October 9

Product Review: Everbilena Cheek Blush (Honest)

Hello ladies!!! Sorry for being so lazy posting reviews on this blog. As you can see i have new job now, so it means to say, less blogging and need to focus on training. Thank's insomnia and i can write reviews again. So here is my 1st haul for this October and i will try to post more reviews or even FOTD's this month.

Everbilena Cheek Blush in Honest

Another blush collection for me from everbilena and for you to check out my post and review about there blush kindly click here this will  give information about everbilena cheek blush. So let me show you the how pigmented this one is. 
for those girls who's interested on buying this. There current price right now for this blush is Php. 149.00 . Same packaging and same brush and mirror inside. So there you go girls. Sorry if this review is too short, just check details on the link i provided above, since they didn't change anything on there blush.  Muah!

Sunday, October 2

Product Review: Asian Secret's Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

Before buying this product i search for some reviews, read comments and reactions about this product to help me decided whether i'm gonna buy this or not. And thanks to pammy of and other bloggers who post a great reviews specially those bloggers who's done using this product and by getting a good outcome after using it. So now it' time for me to tell you guys how terrific and good this product is.

Like what it said on the label. It will gentlly expoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells to soften and give radiant glow. And if you use ti frequently it can get rid of the dark patches on your skin easily, which i my self can testify that it is true.

What i like about the product.

  • Cheap for Php 130.00 250g bottle.
  • Easy to apply on your skin.
  • No bad smell.
  • Skin friendly, i didn't get any skin irritation.
What i don;t like.
  • Can't think of any thing.
Rating: 5/5
Will i buy again: YES!!! I will buy always.

I would like to say two thumbs up for this product because it really works for me. Let me tell you why. I have a dark chicken skin on the upper part of my elbow, because i used to rest my arms in a arm chair everytime i use the computer. I tried diffident oils treatments to remove it but it didn't work, until i found Asian Secret's Lulur Whitening Body Scrub. After a week i can see the difference. I know it will take a while for it's to be remove , that's why i always use this before taking a bath and remember girls use it before taking a bath, it is more effective if you will apply the scrub while your skin is dry. 

How about you?

Friday, September 30

Tagged & Giveaway: Thanks Cherie

I was tagged again and this one is now from Cherie of . Thanks girl and thank you for being a good blogger friend. So let me share to you this beautiful awards.

I was already tagged before with the last 2 awards and this is the first time i was tagged for Classic Beauty award. 
For those who haven't read my previous award post, let me give you the link.
For Tell me about yourself award here is the link CLICK HERE.
For the Kreativ Blogger Award here is the link CLICK HERE.

Ok before i will tagged 10 Beautiful Bloggers for this awards. Let me share my 7 things about me in line with the Classic Beauty Award. This might sound funny to you but this is true. OLD SCHOOL RULES.

Sunday, September 25

Tagged & Giveaway: Tell Me about yourself award and Myrted's giveaway

I was tagged!!! And this award was given to me by myrted of thanks girl. It's been a long time since i receive an award and this one is definitely different, now i have allot of things in mind now what to write about me. Here we go.

Saturday, September 24

Accessories: Feather Earrings

Since 2010 feather earring is getting into fashion once again and since 70's and 80's. And that's for the Native American tribe who first introduce feathers as an accessories. This trend can carry along all over the seasons. Let me just share to you some of my feather earrings.

I purchase this one at Mia Casa at Port 88 Bazaar last 2010

I got this grey feather at Girlshoppe of 50th Avenue for Php 60

And last got this one at St. Francis Square for Php.80

I might get addicted to feather accessories and will probably gonna buy more loud version of these or possible i can made one for me, i think that will be easy.

So girls, how many is yours?

Wednesday, September 21

Bazaar: Fashion REV Manila

Another Megatent Bazaar, a fashion and lifestyle bazaar for fashionistas. I think that there's allot of cosmetics on this event. But for sure, clothing and shoes are always presents. If you wanna go here see the details below.

October 1 to 2, 2011
10am to 10pm
MEGATENT Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Pasig City.

Product Review: OLAY Shower Cream

OLAY total effect 7 in 1 anti-aging shower cream is one of the things that me and partner loves to use, actually she is the one who encourage me to buy it since she is not fond of using allot of beauty products.. Do you know that on the age of mid 20's sign of aging starts, that's why we really need to take good care of our skin. That's why anti-aging product was made to prevent dryness and helps your skin to be firmed and soft. And of course don't forget to drink vitamins, eat fresh fruit, veggies and allot of waters. Here my OLAY shower cream review.
OLAY shower cream has 3x moisturizer that will make your skin smoother that ever and the good thing about this cream it also contain body butter which we know that body butter use to hydrate and protect your skin.

On left picture above, you will see the creamiest and thickness of the cream, you can even see the brightening minerals on it. Look close on the first picture it has a shimmery gold content. And on the right picture, it shows how my skin glow after using it.

What i like about the product.

  • It smells good.
  • Skin friendly.
  • It will make you skin so smooth after bath.
  • It has a glittery effect after use.
  • Affordable because it is buy one take one.
What i don't like about the product.
  • It has a greasy feeling, it feels like you apply a lotion.
  • You will feel warm after use and i advise to use it on a cold weather.
Overall Rating: 4/5 because it helps my skin soft and smooth. Promise.
Will i buy again? Yes, i will. I love using it before bedtime.

Better check this one at Robinson's department store, i think this one is still on sale.

So girls have you already try this?