Saturday, March 12

MEGAmall Mega sale.

 Actually, me and my partner don't have any plans of buying anything at megamall mega sale. We just went there to buy DVD  and room shoe that cost Php.100 in St. Francis Square and our curiosity rang again, we tried to check this sale right away.

The sale is all about shoes and bags, this was held at Mega Trade Hall A and B 5 flr.. At first we're thinking that it might be just the same old last year sale items display,  but its not and the discount ranges from 50% to 70% off and it a new batch of sale items. WOW!

As you can see we're just human and can easily be tempted. Hehehehe :D

Here are the things that we buy in a very-very-very reasonable price. And it really value our money.

Room shoes for Php. 100.00

This indoor shoes is knitted, the has sole is made of rubber button and it feels like your walking with your socks. And it has different designs and you can look for any tiangge like St. Francis.

Levi's Spencer Shoes
For this one, i don't know why nowadays shoes are getting smaller, especially for doll shoes type i don't know who really needs adjusting, is it the manufacturer? or my feet?  don't tell me it's getting bigger ?... really  gives me a hard time to look for a good one. But of course i didint stop until i found this. I just got this shoes for Php. 998.00 only from Php. 2,675. :D Wink* wink*.  .

Gola Red Zone

 Here's my partners choice. It's her first time to have red rubber shoes, this one cost  Php.1,475 but the original price is Php.3,5++.


This belt bag only cost her 500 pesos but it you will check the price it goes to Php.1700 or 1800.

And for this NIKE back pack. We just got this for Php. 1,100 and the possible orig. price will range from Php. 2.5 to 3k.

So there you go, me and my partner went home with a big smile again.
Till the next sale adventure guys!.


  1. wow nice!! big savings! and i love that doll shoes of yours :) I know SM has that sale until the end of the month.

  2. Hi hazel,

    I think nga until the end of this month. But of course baka tira-tira na lng yun. Thanks for dropping by.


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