Friday, March 25

Why do i love Ever Bilena?

The reason why i love Ever Bilena products is because its a true Filipino product and yet it's not too expensive. I started using EB when it was referred to me by my gay friends, because, i was wondering how can they put a perfect foundation with a thin application and less face powder?. And when it's hot outside, you can only see less oil on there faces and not like other make up that last for 5 hrs, and you can definitely see those melting foundation on there face.

  And i am talking about this. The EB Pro Flawless Finish Foundation, that is good for girls like me who always on the go. Well, I am not that type of person who always rides taxi going to work and going back home, i just ride a tricycle, jeep and walk.  This routine  will really make you sweat, but of-course with the help of my EB foundation and a handy tissue, i still look fresh.

The shade that i am using right now is the oriental and because it can get along with my Morena skin. They also have: natural, beige and gold shade depending on your skin type. I do recommend this liquid foundation and  for 30ml, i can use it for 2 to 3month.

There next product that i like too much and what i am collecting right know is there matte lipsticks. Its really good, promise. EB lipstick is always latest in fashion and the good thing about using a matte lipstick is that, you can wear them all the time, whatever wardrobe you are wearing. As i remember the first lipstick that i try from EB is there dark brown one, because i was kinda emo way back in college and that time i was afraid to try other shade because i was thinking that I'm might use the wrong one. But there's a saying that " how you will know if you're not gonna try it?" and this one is very effective for me. Here's my collections, it's only 4 for now, for this brand.

I can wear different types of shade, depending on my mood. On my experience for this product, It's a skin friendly make-up for me and it never ever irritates my skin. I confess, i admire and i am using other products too, but this one is a budget friendly.


  1. Aww I don't have any EB matte lipstick yet! Arrrgh so many raves, I've been hearing. Gotta try those. I have their stick foundation and I really like the coverage but I'm so bothered by the smell :[

    I followed your blog, by the way :) Hope u can follow mine too :)

  2. I've read so much about those EB matte lippies, but I still didn't get some. I have tons of lipsticks to finish.

    I've tried that exact same foundie. It has really good quality considering the price.

    Just followed your blog, I hope you follow me back.

  3. i'm quite surprise actually when i learned before that ever bilena was a filipino product! and that even kris aquino once endorsed it haha!

  4. btw, i just followed you back! thanks :)

  5. I love ever Bilena too....just followed u:)

  6. I used to neglect their foundation but your post made me think twice. :P hehe... Nagcocommute lang din ako. Hahaha. :P Ayoko rin yung feeling na nagmemelt yung make up sa face ko. Recently I've switched from liquid foundation to cake foundation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about EB. 

  7. Kasi with EB naman hiyangan lang talaga,but cake foundation is good too, lalo na ung two way foundation.


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