Thursday, May 19

FOTD I: for Sweetie's Photography practice

This is the first time that i took picture of myself while facing a mirror. Why? since my partner is so busy doing her work and i really want to practice portrait photography. I do these myself with the help of my big mirror and my assistant "the tripod". On the these pictures below, i use our 2nd baby "GE-X5" its a bridge camera with a manual feature and these pictures was taken w/o a flash, so i had to adjust everything manually. Weeew! Here's the outcome below.

On this photo. I am wearing my Vintage Lipstick by: Tupperware brands

Wednesday, May 18

My Caronia Red Collection

 Most women now a days really love red color, especially red color nail polish. Why red? maybe because it has a sexy and sophisticated impact look, whether it's a red shoes or red dress, still it looks sexy. And once you wear red, it can really boost your confidence and it's help you gain your sex appeal. Hope it works for me.

This Caronia red collection that i have is just few. Because this collection that i have is the best color red ever on caronia color pallete.

As you can see TEA ROSE and SIMPLY RED are almost the same. But the Tea Rose is more darker than simply red.

For this 4 nail polish it only cost me 100php and it's much cheaper if you will buy your own nail polish, rather than going to a salon and  you can only try one color. For this you can color your nail anytime you want. For me, I'm doing it weekly.

Monday, May 16

Victoria Secret's Sexy Bottle

Yes. i already have the VS new bottle. A lovely and sexy new bottle and  it was given to me by a friend who just came from the US.  Just wanna share with you how does it look like.

Tuesday, May 10

Nivea Calming Powder

Since summer started last April. Me and my daughter started using Nivea Calming powder. I know there are cheaper brands that i can use, but for this one, i can really feel how calm my skin is. This one was recommended by my colleague raine. Everytime i used this you can feel how cool the powder is.

Nivea Calming Powder has a natural effective zinc oxide that protect your skin from irritation. It does have a bit moisturizer and it reduces the risk of rashes and skin allergies. It has no alcohol ingredients on it.

So if you have allergies on ordinary baby powder. I strongly suggest to use this.

My mom's day gift

At long last after 2days of having an error on blogger editor"nakapag post din'. Here is it.
Here's what i've got on mother's day. And thank you for my partner who gave all of this to me.

I't a super rainy last Sunday and even-though it's already flooded on our place it never stop me to go to megamall to buy this things. And even though megamall got flooded, gogo shopping parin.
You might see different watermarks because i tried to make watermarks while waiting for blogger to fix there bugs. Here we go.

Before we go to megamall, we drop by at hortaleza just to buy this Caronia nail polish, this is the 3rd red nail polish i have. The reason why i love this polish because i really matches my EB red lipsticks.

Since it's getting rain, i really don't wanna wear blouse. That' why i decided to buy 2 new shirts from Disney and of-course it's should be mickey.


This is the last item that we buy and it's my first ever forever 21 clothes. I hope i can wear it with my big tummy. Actually, i also buy 2 jackets and 1 daily jeans of bench but forgot to take a picture of it. So there you go, this is my mom's day gift from da. Thank you so much and i love you. 

Thursday, May 5

Super itchy nose and throat on summer?

Yes, i am super sick right now. Got a cough and runny, itchy nose this summer. Many of my colleague is asking why i got this virus on this time around, since this can only occurred during BER months. And this is the explanation of my doctor.

What she have told me is that allergic rhinitis occurs when you breathe in on something that you are allergic with, like dust and pollen. Wiping the dust in your house and putting a gas mask in your face while walking is a good help to prevent allergic reactions, but of course in your house you must kill the main cause.

The main cause of allergic rhinitis is the dust mites poops. Ok, i know poops. Here's the explanation. When we are sleeping, our skin is changing and it peels, and the old skin the peels are foodie of dust mites (they love human dry skins). After they ate it, they will poop in the air and we breathe in those poops that cause allergic rhinitis. And to kill those mites i was prescribe a maintenance spray for my home to kill those mites. She ask me to buy a allergen spray, use it 3 x day. Spray it in your bedsheets, pillows, curtains , until you feel that you allergy is gone. Then, if you are already ok, you can just use it one a day. 


You can buy this for 139 pesos in supermarkets. You can choose different brands. For me this brand helps me allot and it smells good too. Hope it helps you a bit if you are getting this allergies as well.