Thursday, May 19

FOTD I: for Sweetie's Photography practice

This is the first time that i took picture of myself while facing a mirror. Why? since my partner is so busy doing her work and i really want to practice portrait photography. I do these myself with the help of my big mirror and my assistant "the tripod". On the these pictures below, i use our 2nd baby "GE-X5" its a bridge camera with a manual feature and these pictures was taken w/o a flash, so i had to adjust everything manually. Weeew! Here's the outcome below.

On this photo. I am wearing my Vintage Lipstick by: Tupperware brands

In2it ER 01 Eyebrows; EB pink blush; IN2it hot pink lipstick
Actually, while i am writing this i am also laughing on this picture. Can't imagine that I've post it. Wahahaha....

I'm wearing my EB Scarlet Red Matte Lipstick
These photos was taken last weekends after my Saturday grave yard shift, that's why I'm not that fresh on these pics. So ladies, hope you like my frustration on photography and this is for iya as well  of Super iyah, because she is requesting for a sample swatch of the hot pink lipstick.


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