Tuesday, May 10

My mom's day gift

At long last after 2days of having an error on blogger editor"nakapag post din'. Here is it.
Here's what i've got on mother's day. And thank you for my partner who gave all of this to me.

I't a super rainy last Sunday and even-though it's already flooded on our place it never stop me to go to megamall to buy this things. And even though megamall got flooded, gogo shopping parin.
You might see different watermarks because i tried to make watermarks while waiting for blogger to fix there bugs. Here we go.

Before we go to megamall, we drop by at hortaleza just to buy this Caronia nail polish, this is the 3rd red nail polish i have. The reason why i love this polish because i really matches my EB red lipsticks.

Since it's getting rain, i really don't wanna wear blouse. That' why i decided to buy 2 new shirts from Disney and of-course it's should be mickey.


This is the last item that we buy and it's my first ever forever 21 clothes. I hope i can wear it with my big tummy. Actually, i also buy 2 jackets and 1 daily jeans of bench but forgot to take a picture of it. So there you go, this is my mom's day gift from da. Thank you so much and i love you. 

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