Wednesday, June 29

Avon Fiesta Color

Hello girls, just got a busy weekend on my birthday, that's why i already forgot to update this blog and I am still floating with joy on my surprise birthday party. And if you wanna know why?  just ckick **here**.  Anyway, let me share you one of the gift that i got . An AVON Fiesta Color that was given by my partners mom. Actually, this shade came from Avon Japan and I really wonder how much it cost.

I am sorry if i cannot post the name of the shade since it was written in Japanese. Maybe it was called as "UBE shade?" Hehehe, because they name it as color fiesta, so that's first thing that pops out on my mind while looking on it's color. I really wonder why most of Japan's makeup product are all made with glitters. I wonder why.

Tuesday, June 21

Another Haul before my Birthday

Yes, i will keep on posting the stuff that i buy before my birthday this weekend. Hehehehe... my partner is getting annoyed of me every time i go to department store and buy make up. Well, i cannot help my self because, this is my stress reliever and my work load this month is so stressful. Stress with my customers and  stress with the people around me. Ok, another haul for me but still not contented i really want ELF palette and i could not find one. :(. Just to Pamper myself that day i just bought some few stuff.

Weekend with my daughter

At last i got a chance to be with my daughter this weekend and we got a chance to celebrate her birthday, though her birthday is really on the 15th and she is sick that day, but at least God still gave us this weekend to celebrate.

Friday, June 17

ELF studio eye primer + liner sealer

What is a eye primer? An eye primer is a base that you need to apply before putting eyeshadow.  It helps to keep your shadow from smudging. And this is good for those lady who has a dark eyelid like me. And here in the Philippines there are only few beauty products who's catering eye primer and one of them is ELF and they only have one shade. As you can see it also has liner sealer, eye liner sealer is like making your own liquid eyeliner. All you have to do is dip the brush on it's liquid then dragged to any eyeshadow and apply it as your liquid eyeliner.After using, wash it and put it back on the bottle.

This only cost me Php. 249 at landmark trinoma, so affordable. And i hope you like it. Need to cook late dinner. Bye now...

Thursday, June 16

♥♥♥ Maybelline Angelfit ♥♥♥

Since my birthday is near, i decided to do some shopping to buy my self a gift and to change most of my old stuff especially my face powder, I usually using nichido face powder, but i decided to try different brand since nichido makes my face so oily. So i tried Maybelline Angel fit flawless affinity two way cake foundation. The good thing about two way foundation is that, you can either be used it dry for light coverage and wet for heavier coverage.

Maybelline angel fit two way foundation is especially design for Asian women's skin. There "pink pearl technology" neutralizes the dullness of your skin for luminous complexion.

This two way foundation has SPF22 PA++ with Chamomile essence, royal jelly and Vitamin E.  And i like it's big mirror ♥♥♥

Haul: In2it Moisture Lipstick

The second gift that i bought for my self before my birthday is another Moisture Release Lipstick of IN2it. What i love about In2it lipstick is that, it last for 8 hours, you just needs to apply a little after eating you lunch. This is also good for hot season since it has SPF 15 for you lips. Here are the shade that i choose. Juice and cramberry

This shades really emphasize your face, and it can really match different types of clothes. Here are the sample swatches.

That's how bright they are and i am so loving it. This is the expensive lipstick i ever bought and i hate pampering my self because i don't care about the price. Hihihi...

Monday, June 13

FOTD + NOTD on Independence day

It's a very tiring but fun weekend for me. Because it's my dad's b-day and independence day. We go out for lunch at Dad's in West ave. QC. And this is my dad's favorite place for eat all you can. We celebrate his birthday together with my mom, bro and my baby girl and after having a full tummy, we go shopping and buy my dad a G2000 polo shirt, body scrub for mom at the body shop and a cute polo for my bro. But no gift for my baby girl because we will go shopping next week for her birthday. Here's my NOTD and FOTD for independence day.

In2it for eyebrow, Careline Cream eyeshadow and Maybelline Unstopable Shiny Black Mascara

Thursday, June 9

I'm shoe in love and more gifts for my birthday...

Yes another shoes sale event but this time it's not on Mandaluyong and it's even dated on my birthday. Well. this  2-day sale event aims to carry leading commercial as well as online brands of footwear. This bazaar will be eagerly anticipated by shoppers as it is an alternative marketplace to the usual shopping experience, providing a relaxed and casual atmosphere. It will be offering a comfortable shopping venue with a wide variety of footwear that will surely be able to cater to different tastes.

Catch the "I'm Shoe in Love: Find Your Perfect Pair" two-day sale and get up to 50% off on selected items on June 25 and 26, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

• VNC 
• So Fab
• Barbie by Shubiz
  • Figlia
  • Vibram Five Fingers
  • Cushe
  • Hush Puppies
  • Sebago
  • Adidas
  • Suelas
  • Marengo
  • Cole Vintage
  • Crossings
  • The Ramp
  • Trunkshow
  • Terra & Agua
  • Sole Sister
  • Keep
  • Frollic
  • Suki
  • Republic
  • Marc Ecko
  • Zoo York
  • Skechers 
• And1
  • Gola
  • Shoes to Kill 
• Everybody Needs A Pair
  • Cole Haan
  • GBX
  • Katie Shoes
  • S and H
•Gold Dot
• Blushing Geisha and many more!!!
FREE ENTRANCE for East West Bank Credit Cardholders at I'm Shoe in Love: Find Your Perfect Pair, just present your card at the entrance! 
For inquiries, contact 577-3379 or email Also log on to for updates.

Wednesday, June 8

Organic Oil = Beautiful skin

 Women nowadays are very conscious on the products that they are using and that's way i mostly preferred using Organic Products like Emu Oil.  Emu oil originally came from Australia. It help reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis, heal wounds & burns and to reduce the pain, itch and swelling of insect bites. And it also helps remove pimple scar, acne scar and stretch marks. That's why emu oil is one of the less expensive product that you can use to have a healthy glowing skin. That's why we tried to buy one from Venus & Mars Naturals. They are selling a lot of emu products, all natural in a affordable  products and no need for those super expensive products. I took a picture of my partners insect bites scar and let see if there Organic emu oil and CPC+G whitening really works fast.

Here is the sample of her 2 week old scar.

Tuesday, June 7

Germ free with Bath & Body Works

Antibacterial hand sanitizer is one of the effective way to wash one's hand if soap and water is not available. It definitely  kills 99.9% of germs and i never ever  go out w/o my sanitizer and wet wipes, because these two are very important for me especially if I'm with my daughter. I know you know that germs can easily pass on so be careful girls and to those working moms out there, we cannot afford to get sick. Since Pocket Bac get's in demand on the market i really grab one. Like the Pocket Bac of  Bath & Body works it is very handy, i can even strap it with my bag ( with a rubber holder). No need for you to grab your sanitizer inside you bag.

If you don't have stock any more, you can put alcohol as replacement.

Kat XoXo Giveaway

Kat  already reaches 100 followers and i hope i do so. That's why she is giving away this lovely make-up. Visit her blog and get a chance to get her give aways!!!

Click here to JOIN!!!

Summer Solstice Bazaar, failure

 Summer Solstice Bazaar at the Megatent, Meralco Ave, Ortigas is a big failure based on what i have read at bits + treats post . Well, i really agree with this because, me and my partner went there last saturday to do sale hunt, they said they will open it at 10am but they open it 11am na.  The weather is too hot na then pag pasok mo pa, di pa organized ang lahat. Most of the stalls are still close, napaka tahimik walang sound system. Mas ok pa ung ibang bazaar before this. Lalo na ung port 88. Super organized.  Can't wait for the next bazaar talaga. Sana magaling na organizers ung susunod.