Tuesday, June 7

Germ free with Bath & Body Works

Antibacterial hand sanitizer is one of the effective way to wash one's hand if soap and water is not available. It definitely  kills 99.9% of germs and i never ever  go out w/o my sanitizer and wet wipes, because these two are very important for me especially if I'm with my daughter. I know you know that germs can easily pass on so be careful girls and to those working moms out there, we cannot afford to get sick. Since Pocket Bac get's in demand on the market i really grab one. Like the Pocket Bac of  Bath & Body works it is very handy, i can even strap it with my bag ( with a rubber holder). No need for you to grab your sanitizer inside you bag.

If you don't have stock any more, you can put alcohol as replacement.


  1. i recently hoarded these babies! smells so gewd noh?:))

  2. @wickeRmoss true it really smells good. Napapatingin ga sila sakin sa jeepkapag nag apply akonito e... :D

  3. I Love Shoes is really catchy! I have one in peppermint, and it reminds me of Christmas. :)


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