Wednesday, July 27

Not an ordinary giveaway by Marianne

Yes it's a not ordinary giveaway by Marianne of notyourordinarybeautyqueen . She will be giving a way a super fashionable necklace and your chance of getting a lovely scarf too. If you wanna join her giveaway. Just click the word join below.

I am sure you wanna win this.


Tuesday, July 26

FOTD III + NOTD: Pink love

Getting bore on a rainy day makes me so sleepy. That's why i decided to make a FOTD that should be a amy winehouse look but it turn out to be a Japanese look. and check out the gold ribbon on my head, i look like a gift.  Here's the result of my sleepy, rainy and lazy day.

  • Everbilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Oriental
  • Elf eyeshadow
  • ELF eye primer
  • ELF eyebrow kit
  • Nichido cream eyeliner
  • Fashion 21 Stick eyeshadow ( pearl)
  • Maybeline Mascara
  • Baxi Silk shine blusher No.2
  • Nichido Rosette Lip Pencil
  • Everbilena Scarlet Matte Lipstick
  • Maybeline Angel fit two way cake foundation

Here the pattern that i've used for my eyeshadow

The swatches that i use on my eyeshadow

 Here is me with a big gold ribbon on my head. :D And here is my new found nail polish by caronia.

Back to back giveaway by Jes and Vian

It's a back to back giveaway by this two lovely ladies. Jes Roque and Vian. I swear i haven't won pa on any giveaways, sana manalo naman ako :P Cross fingers. If you want to join there giveaway just click join below.

Monday, July 25

My first blog award

Thank you so much nicole for giving me this 5 awards. And the thing the you said about giving awards is really the best way of making friends on blogsphere. Nicole of is of the sweet mom blogger that i know. Thanks for this awards nicole.

Award rules:
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

Sunday, July 24

Haul: ELF Eyebrow kit & face brush

Another haul for me on my partners birthday. Happy birthday da. After we got all the things that we need for my lasagna, she look at watson and ask me if i still need something, then i smile. But instead of us buying kikay stuff at watson i decided to go to Robinson's Dept. At least there i have a lot of choices. Here's what i've got.

ELF Eyebrow Kit

Php 249.75

This ELF eyebrow kit will help you to achieve a bold eyebrow. It will shape and sets your brow using the wax and to finish it you have to apply the powder next. Am really eying for the light one but they don't have it anymore, sad. But what i love about this product is that it is easy to use and what i don't like about it since my brow has a thick strands the brown powder is not that visible it just blend on my black thick brow. Here's my next haul for today.

ELF Total Face Brush Php.129
The reason why i bought this one is because i am disposing my old Everbilena brush, the one with the set. I am really looking for a brush that will not harm my skin. The ELF sales lady told me that there brush is made of pony's hair..... Ok, is this consider as cruelty to animals, if you're just getting their hair? :D Anyway, this brush is definitely soft and i just hope it will not irritate my skin.  That's all!! happy week ends girls.

Wednesday, July 20

Nail polish addiction

This addiction started when i was in 3rd years high school and it's all because of Jolen's (Actress Jolina Magdangal) of ANG TV ( teen show in ABS-CBN). Jolen's started the trend of having a colorful nails. I admit i was a fan of Jolen's before, having a colorful nails and i know some of you idolize her too, not only her nails but her multi-color hair as well ( Aminin!!!!) .And because of that, i never stop putting nail polishes since then. And now, that i am an adult and have my own money na to buy nail polishes..... i'm kinda like collecting nail polish and have my nails done every week ***wink***. Here are some of my caronia nail collection that i haven't posted yet.

This is just 6 and i already have 16 caronia nail polish and 2 chic brand. I know it's allot but it just cost me 22 pesos each. Instead of me going to salon and pay 50 to 200php + tip, I'll just do it na lang, so that i can also spend time for my daughter & play "beauty parlor" with her and if i feel lazy putting nail polish i ask my partner to do it for me while playing PSP, so donya ang dating ko dito. That's all  girls hope you like it.

Monday, July 18

Weekend FOTD II

It's been 7 days since my last post here, it's been a really busy week for me before resignation. Hay.... i will miss Virgin Media family, but it's ok, because i need a high paying job that suites a high speed worker, naks! Hehehe Here's my FOTD for this weekend while watching Harry Potter.

What i use:

  • Elf eyeshadow
  • IN2it waterproof eyebrow color
  • Everbilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Oriental
  • ELF eye primer
  • Nichido cream eyeliner
  • Maybeline Mascara
  • Everbilena Cheek blush
  • IN2it Cranberry lipstick 
  • Maybeline Angel fit two way cake foundation

Sorry for the oiliness girls, hagard sa byahe going home e. I use 4 shades on my eyeshadow combination of light yellow and green. Here's the shades below.

Friday, July 8

Take care of your eyelids

Many women don't know that not cleaning there eyelid may lead to Blepharitis (kuliti sa mata).  We thought that washing your face and using make up remover is ok , we never emphasize on our eyelids lashes and you weren't aware that you haven't remove the dirt between those little hair. The reason why I'am telling these is because I was once suffer with Blepharitis when I start wearing eye make-up on my college days.  SO let me share to you my cleaners.

Here's how I do it.
  • First , use your make-up remover to remove those make-ups.
  • Wash your face using your facial wash and gently massage your eyelids ( Please close your eyes. )
  • After rinsing, get a wet cotton buds and add a small amount of baby shampoo and gently rub your eyelids and you can definitely see the excess make up on the buds after then rinse your face again.
There you go, it is so easy and I hope you like it. Beauty stays with or without make-up.

Tuesday, July 5

ELF 32 eyeshadow palette Volume II

At long last, my partner decided to buy me a new set of eyeshadow. L♥ve you da! We suppose to buy a 100 palette eyeshadow but she told me to be practical since i'm not gonna use it on the same time.

OK done, we ended buying a 32 palette ELF eyeshadow. What i love with elf is that, there make up are all affordable and easy to apply on. This ELF palette eyeshadow is their Beauty School Volume II that's why most of the palette are on dark color. And there Volume I is not available.

This ELF palette is handy you can even put it in your big bag, but the plastic  case is not that thick so be careful it might break.  Here's how it look like.

As you can see it has allot of dark colors on it. But it's ok, i'm not into bright one nowadays since my shift is on grave yard. This one has a mirror on it's cover and it has a free applicator. This one only cost Php399.75 and it's not bad.  Hope you like it girls.

Monday, July 4

Sunday, July 3

ELF Berry Mix Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow are easy to apply, especially if you are on a hurry. I also use this on most of the party i attended and my ELF Berry Mix is so handy, but i am only using this if it's a party after my shift. And it really gives me long lasting color.

Let me share you some tips on using a cream eyeshadow.
  • Use a primer or foundation on the eyelid first.
  • After applying the cream eyeshadow lightly apply or dust a loose powder on your lid before applying your liquid eyeliner and mascara.
Here is the same swatch.

As i remember it only cost me Php129 or 179 for this and i can use it for a very long time. I just notice that I'm getting this ELF addiction. Hieee...

Clean your make-up brushes

It's very recommended to clean make up brushes once a week because those oil on your face and old make up can get trapped in your brush bristle and may cause bacteria to grow which leads to acne break out. That's why i made this as my weekly routine. Let me share you how.
  • After each use of your brushes, dust or wipe off excess makeup left on. You can use a soft cloth or tissue to remove the excess make up.
  • On your spare time you can clean makeup brushes by run warm water on the make up brush to soften the brush fiber and clean it with mild shampoo using you fingers, then run warm water again, then reshape your brush and  lay them flat across the towel to air dry
I use Johnson's baby shampoo on most of my brushes , but for my lips brush i use dove soap.

My partner an artist told me that paint brush and make-up brushes has a similar use. The only different is make-up brushes has it's own name of brush with paint brush it's just brush numbers.