Tuesday, July 5

ELF 32 eyeshadow palette Volume II

At long last, my partner decided to buy me a new set of eyeshadow. L♥ve you da! We suppose to buy a 100 palette eyeshadow but she told me to be practical since i'm not gonna use it on the same time.

OK done, we ended buying a 32 palette ELF eyeshadow. What i love with elf is that, there make up are all affordable and easy to apply on. This ELF palette eyeshadow is their Beauty School Volume II that's why most of the palette are on dark color. And there Volume I is not available.

This ELF palette is handy you can even put it in your big bag, but the plastic  case is not that thick so be careful it might break.  Here's how it look like.

As you can see it has allot of dark colors on it. But it's ok, i'm not into bright one nowadays since my shift is on grave yard. This one has a mirror on it's cover and it has a free applicator. This one only cost Php399.75 and it's not bad.  Hope you like it girls.


  1. the colours look great!

    love from Germany x

  2. Cool! And it's really affordable too :D

  3. @aringkingking Hello sissy, i bought this one in SM MEGAMALL department store. Better buy na, mabilis maubos!

  4. At first I thought it's the ELF beauty book. Hehe. It looks sleek. Nice shades!

  5. Hi Sweethestia! Wow, a hundred palette colors to choose from, for P399, this is such a great buy! Itching to get one now, lol! - Mar

  6. @Mar actually its a 32 palette sis hihihi.. so affordable talaga.

  7. Such lovely colors! I was eyeing the 100 palette too but we'll see. So lucky of you your hubby supports your makeup addiction! :)

  8. At first I thought it's the ELF beauty book. Hehe. It looks sleek. Nice shades!


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