Sunday, July 3

Clean your make-up brushes

It's very recommended to clean make up brushes once a week because those oil on your face and old make up can get trapped in your brush bristle and may cause bacteria to grow which leads to acne break out. That's why i made this as my weekly routine. Let me share you how.
  • After each use of your brushes, dust or wipe off excess makeup left on. You can use a soft cloth or tissue to remove the excess make up.
  • On your spare time you can clean makeup brushes by run warm water on the make up brush to soften the brush fiber and clean it with mild shampoo using you fingers, then run warm water again, then reshape your brush and  lay them flat across the towel to air dry
I use Johnson's baby shampoo on most of my brushes , but for my lips brush i use dove soap.

My partner an artist told me that paint brush and make-up brushes has a similar use. The only different is make-up brushes has it's own name of brush with paint brush it's just brush numbers.


  1. that's a lot of brush! do you use them all??

  2. @Carina G.Yes i use them all, actually my brushes are only few and i want to buy more. :D thanks for visiting.

  3. that's a lot of brush! do you use them all??


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