Wednesday, August 31

Product Review: Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation

Hi, i'm back!!! Done with the long weekend with my daughter and family. Now i'm back on writing. Ok, i know you know that i am a Ever Bilena babe because of it's affordable price, but this product was recommended to me by my sister and since it's 20% off in Robinson's Galleria, i grab one just to try it and i told my sister that if this product didn't work for me i'll give it to her and will go back to EB. Here we go.

Tuesday, August 30

Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2011

This is for make up lovers out there. Please check this out, an event to promote most locally new products that are not well known yet on the market.
Events will run from September 2 to 4,2011 at the Megatrade Hall 1,  SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. A once and a year event of the Chamber of Cosmetic Industry of the Philippines, Inc. Admission is free girls, hope to see you there.

For more information, just go to this website. CLICK HERE

My super quick Beauty Bloggers Meet up

A quick meet and greet for me last Monday at trinoma with gelleesh, kai, aya, jen and gie. It's a quick meet up because i have to run an errand, 30 min of stay is very short to meet them but atleast i got a chance of meeting them and these girls are all nice & pretty.

From Left to Right:
Gie of Third world fashion, Jen with her baby girl of Shop girl Jen, Kai of Kai sensei, Aya of Code name Aya and Gellie of Gelleesh.

Nice to meet you girls and i will stay long na next time, pwamis!!! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, August 24

FOTD V with ELF Pretty n Pink

Boredom strike every time i see people going to work, i really miss going to work and earn allot, but i have to   give up my job,because i want to step up, though i enjoy blogging and doing make over for my friends which i will be posting here soon, still at the end of the day boredom strikes back. That's why playing with my make up really helps me get busy. But of course, i need to finish my household chores first and be a full time mom, before doing make overs. Ok here's my FOTD today with ELF Pretty n Pink Eye shadow.

 This is my shot with out foundation and eye primer. I use my partners i phone here because my cam ran out of battery, that's why i need to take a picture out side our house to get a good light source. As you can see i have a uneven skin tone and look at my eyes the shade of the eyeshadow turns dark.

Products that i use.

  • ELF Pretty in pink
  • Nichido eyeliner in black
  • Maybelline Hyper curl in black
  • Everbilena Cheek Blush Shy
  • Colour Collection Matte Lipstick - Vintage

 On this second picture i use foundation and primer for my eyes. Can see the skin tone on my shoulder and face?, they are now almost the same. And this photo was taken inside our house using our bridge camera.

Product that i use.
  • Maybelline Gel Foundation in true beige
  • ELF Pretty n Pink eyeshadow
  • Ever Bilena Cheek Blush - Shy
  • Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara
  • Nichido Girls Night Out in Pink Diamond, i used it as my eyeliner.
And now here is the swatches that i use and the pattern that i made.

There you go girls, hope you like it. I might post my friend make over here soon. I just need to grab her picture from her camera, cause i got a blurry one. 

Product Review: Everbilena Cheer Blush

I've been using Ever bilena blush for 5 years now and i haven't got any complain. Though some times my eyes and hands wants to grab different brands, but still i managed to stop my self to finish what I've got and every time i'm done with my blush, i still grab ever bilena. Here's my product review for ever bilena cheek blush.

Sorry for the mess. Hihihi... Cheek blush that i use: EARTH, SHY and CHEEK.

Let me start with the packaging.

  • Net wg: 10g
  • Has a soft brush.
  • With a 1 inch mirror.
  • Price 150 php
Here's the sample swatch.

EARTH    -    CHEEK     -   SHY
  • It has a good pigmentation.
  • with UVA / UVB protection.
For there blush you have to apply it in a very light hand to achieve your desire  look.

What i love about this product:
  • Affordable.
  • No allergies.
  • Can apply easily.
  • Handy.
  • Color matches Filipina skins
  • The brush is soft.
  • The mirror is clear.
  • Since it has a goods pigmentation, you can use this blushes for a long time. Promise!
What i don't like.
  • can't think of anything.
Overall rating: 5/5

Will i'm gonna buy this one? : For sure i will. I am just hoping that they will release a new more shades.

Tuesday, August 23

Join MissKatV's 1,300 Followers Giveaway

Congratulations to kat for getting a 1300 followers. And because of this she is giving away a lovely nail polish from uniqso. Just click here to join.

Friday, August 19

Product Review: Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express

I know that this is not new to others, but i just wanna make some reviews about my experience on this mascara, so let me start. Like what it says on the label this mascara can make your lashes curlier, longer and fuller. This mascara is formulated to provide 3x more volume on your lashes, and you can get 75 degree curl, ok lets see.

Let me start with the packaging, brush and pigmentation.

  • It has a 10ml bottle, 4 inch tall and good packaging. I love the color, metallic pink and black.
  • This mascara has a thick curve brush that will guide your lashes to go up.
  • Pigmentation is ok. Like what it says on the bottle its very black.
  • Price for Php.249
So now based on the product description, you can get 75 degree curl and no need for lash curler. Ok so when i bought this one at SM Megamall i spoke with the SA, i ask her if i will be using this mascara, will get this long lashes? while looking at the picture and she said yes. I said galing naman instant haba parang false eye lashes lang, then she laugh and said maybelline mascara is good on lashes, then she smile and i tap her shoulder and smile back just to say i'm just joking. Kasi naman, the picture is super OA. Anyway here's what i'm talking about.

As you can see on this picture above i also look at the manufacturing date so that i knew when it was made. Do you know that mascara only last for 3 months after you open it, so by the end of October i will buy a new one again. And now here's my picture and see the difference, before and after i apply it.

See the difference? it really make my lashes looks long and volumize. I only apply one coat for this. I was think of buying the super film mascara but since i already have a thick lashes no need for me to get it.

What i love about this product.
  • Easily to apply
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes
  • One coat is good enough
  • Affordable
  • Water proof.
What i don't like about this product.
  • You have to use make-up remover twice to remove the mascara. And you have to clean your eyes again with soap and water.
Overall rating: 4.8/5

Will i gonna buy this one?: yes of course, if they still have it. There you go girls, guys and gays. Hope you like it again. More reviews to come. 

Thursday, August 18

Product Review: NICHIDO Mineral Precise Eye Pencil and Lip Pencil

This two product that i will introduce to you today is my new babies and bought this both at SM Megamall Department store. Before, i'm already ok with the plain black liner that i put on my eyelids and put lipstick as it is. But now i wanna try more to put glow on my face. Let me show them to you.

Left: Nichido Mineral Precise Eye Pencil
  • 5inch of length
  • 0.04 oz or 1.14g
  • Color Bronze
  • Water Resistance
  • Price 115 pesos
Right: Nichido Lip Pencil
  • 5inch length
  • 0.04 oz or 1.14g
  • Color Blaze and Rosette
  • Water Resistance
  • Price 100 pesos

What i like about the product:
  • You can easily apply this because its kinda creamy and soft
  • Affordable
  • You can use it for a longtime 
What i don't like about the product:
  • For the eye pencil it smudged off easily.
  • Since both product is soft you will have a hard time to sharpen it, that's why i'am using paper cutter instead of pencil sharpener.
  • For the lip liner i have to use make up remover to remove it.
Overall rating:  4.70/5

Will i buy again?: Yes if they still have this on the market, when i'm done with this babies.

Hope you like it girls. Time to go to bed. Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 17

FOTD IV: Brown and cranberry to purple-pink.. yikes!

I'm at rest from being a call center agent for 3 weeks now and boredom gives me head ache. First, i sleep in the morning and awake at night. Second, there's nothing fun to do at home, beside of cooking, washing clothes and watch telenovelas and be a full time mom. Third, i miss working :(. That's why to ease the boredom i decided to do a FOTD at 3am in the morning yesterday. I was watching America's top model cycle 16 that time and saw the models make up and was amazed with their dark brown eye shadow and dark violet lipstick. Though i tried to copy it, but the color turns to be purple-pink, my eyeshadow turns similar to purple and my lipstick turn to hot pink on the picture and that's probably because the light inside the house is too dark.

Tuesday, August 16

Product Review: Nivea Body Oil

It's been a quite weekend for me here on my blog and i am busy fixing my header and my blog template, as you can see, it's new and i love it. Back to my review. Nivea smooth body oil is formulated for extra dry skin, it contain 250ml body oil on it's bottle and as you can see it has a sexy bottle, though sometime its hard to place the cap because it's needs to be suited on it's bottle for you to close it tightly. I know that there's allot of different brands of body oil in the market, but Nivea catches my eyes, because Nivea line really provides good reviews in terms of skin care and even my deodorant i uses Nivea and i don't care  how much it cost me as long as Nivea takes care of my skin. Nivea smooth body oil is enriched with avocado oil that has allot of moisturizing properties. And i bought this one for 298 pesos in watson at SM Megamall.

Friday, August 12

10 year old model? If you're the mom will you allow this?

Just got this news from shanons tweet. And while reading the news about the 10 year old model, i was amazed that she can really post like that on the age of 10, but the thing about exposing your child on a adult position, that is a big no no for me. Yes, i know we can prove that our child is great and talented, but have you think about her security? Here are the photos that i got from ABC news picture taken by french vogue.

Monday, August 8

Product Review: Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene

If you are looking for a natural home treatment mask, here's Queen Helene, her mint julep masque can help pamper or relax those muscles on your face on your stressful days. This masque can definitely firm and hardens pores and can definitely dry up those acne, pimples and rinse away black heads. I'll let red show you Queen Helene.

Saturday, August 6

Sparkling Birthday giveaway by KIss and make up

Another amazing and sparkling birthday giveaway of diane. And this is now open for both international and locally. If you want to join , visit her blog.

Wednesday, August 3

Got a feminine itch?

Being so kikay has allot of beauty routine, we put make up and we clean it after. But having a uncomfortable feeling and embarrassing itchiness down there really drive us crazy. This itchiness occurs because of vaginal dryness or clynical hormonal changes.  That's why i make sure that i have this two remedies at home, especially on my menstrual days.

I already tried PH care and lactacyd but nothing  beats betadine feminine wash and i am using Daktacort if i already feel the itchiness down there. I am just using this two product on menstrual days, because they said that we should not use feminine wash all the time because it will makes your vagina dry. But here's a good tips to get rid of that feminine itchiness, i got this from E-HOW. For those ladies who don't wants use feminine wash and care cream try following this.

Home remedy for Feminine Itch from E-how

Me ♥s Garnier

I started using facial products when i was in high school because of those unwanted pimples and blemishes, i remember i am using eskinol and ponds whitening cream and this is  my seasonal facial beauty products, the reason why i said it's seasonal because i have an active lifestyle, i play volleyball, do mountain climbing and love to travel allot and it just makes my face more darker if I'm using it everyday. But as i grow old, those facial products that i use is no longer effective. It's either makes my face dry or oily, that's why i switch products and found Garnier. I think garnier was first introduce in the Philippines and modeled by KC Concepcion in 2008. Garnier is a subsidy of Loreal and ganier products are affordable and suites for Asian skins. Here's my garnier babies... :D

The garnier pure that you can see is for my pimples on monthly period days.
I will testify that this products lightens my skin and  i say goodbye to those uneven skin tone. Besides of garnier i am using V&S emu oil and CPC+G which i posted here. I am using them for unwanted pimple marks. Hope you like it girls.. muah ♥♥♥

Monday, August 1

L♥vely Helen's Birthday Giveaway

Yes and its Helen of Lucky Citrine birthday giveaway. If you want to get this amazing gift just check her site of click the word join below.