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Got a feminine itch?

Being so kikay has allot of beauty routine, we put make up and we clean it after. But having a uncomfortable feeling and embarrassing itchiness down there really drive us crazy. This itchiness occurs because of vaginal dryness or clynical hormonal changes.  That's why i make sure that i have this two remedies at home, especially on my menstrual days.

I already tried PH care and lactacyd but nothing  beats betadine feminine wash and i am using Daktacort if i already feel the itchiness down there. I am just using this two product on menstrual days, because they said that we should not use feminine wash all the time because it will makes your vagina dry. But here's a good tips to get rid of that feminine itchiness, i got this from E-HOW. For those ladies who don't wants use feminine wash and care cream try following this.

Home remedy for Feminine Itch from E-how

Things You'll Need

    * Loose clothing
    * 100 percent cotton panties
    * Ice
    * Cold compress
    * Salt
    * Warm water
    * Shallow tub or sitz bath
    * Yogurt
    * Tampon
    * Empty vaginal suppository applicators
    * Cider vinegar

1. Apply ice or a cold compress for immediate relief from the itching. This is especially effective at night when the itching is most intense.

2. Fill a shallow tub or sitz bath with warm water and a half cup of salt. Stir until the salt dissolves, then sit in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. While you're sitting, insert your finger into your vagina to let the warm saline go inside. Do this before bed for two nights. Saline is effective against several types of infections.

3. Eat 1 cup of yogurt a day. Make sure the yogurt doesn't contain any sugar and that it has live acidophilus cultures in it. Acidophilus helps control the fungus that causes yeast infections.

 4. Spread yogurt on a tampon and leave the tampon in for a few hours. If you have an empty applicator from vaginal suppository medication, fill the applicator with yogurt and freeze it. Insert the frozen yogurt directly into the vagina once or twice a day. You can also apply yogurt to the vulva to help relieve external itching.

5.  Rinse your vagina with warm water mixed with 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar twice a day for two days.

6.  Wear loose clothing to keep your vagina cool and dry, and wear 100 percent cotton panties so the skin can breathe. If you sit a lot during the day, get up and walk around frequently to keep your vagina from getting too warm.

7. Go to the doctor if none of these remedies is effective after two days. You could have an infection that home remedies can't cure.

I just copy the instructions from try visiting there sites for more feminine health tips.


  1. oh, thanks so much for this! you're such a beauty/health expert!

  2. thanks for this. I've tried several diffirent feminine washes but none of commercialized brands work for me except for Betadine feminine wash and naflora feminine wash. I don't use betadine everyday only when it's seriously itcy. I use the naflora one everyday, it's the only wash that really soothes the itchiness. As for the cream, I use Travocort.

  3. @Hollie Haven't tried the naflora fem wash. But i'll check this out in the market. Thanks sis.

  4. oh, thanks so much for this! you're such a beauty/health expert!

  5. thank you for this hun ^_^

  6. Naflora feminine wash is really good..I use this every day. . Very refreshing. . My Ob told me to use this and it perfectly serve me well. You guys should try wont regret it!


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