Wednesday, August 17

FOTD IV: Brown and cranberry to purple-pink.. yikes!

I'm at rest from being a call center agent for 3 weeks now and boredom gives me head ache. First, i sleep in the morning and awake at night. Second, there's nothing fun to do at home, beside of cooking, washing clothes and watch telenovelas and be a full time mom. Third, i miss working :(. That's why to ease the boredom i decided to do a FOTD at 3am in the morning yesterday. I was watching America's top model cycle 16 that time and saw the models make up and was amazed with their dark brown eye shadow and dark violet lipstick. Though i tried to copy it, but the color turns to be purple-pink, my eyeshadow turns similar to purple and my lipstick turn to hot pink on the picture and that's probably because the light inside the house is too dark.

Here's the color palette that i use on my eye. Using ELF 32 eyeshadow volume II, reviews that i posted *here*. I used matte and frosted palette.
Here's the directions on how i apply, i am not a make up expect though but i'm still learning, so please bare with me. And the picture below is my finish product.
Just click the picture if you want to take a closer look.
The 3 pictures on the left where edited using Photoshop for my FB profile. Imagine, i was wearing a bath towel here while taking a picture, because my shirt doesn't looks good at the picture, that's why i remove it and just put the towel on and took a picture of myself  :p . Can you see my lips here it's hot pink and it should look like cranberry juice color.

Here's the products that i used
  • Elf eyeshadow
  • ELF eye primer
  • ELF eyebrow kit
  • Nichido cream eyeliner
  • Maybeline Mascara
  • Everbilena cheek blush
  • IN2it moisture release lipstick MR Cranberry
  • Maybeline Angel fit two way cake foundation
That's all girl, it's 5am in the morning, time to do house hold chores before going to sleep. Have a great day...


  1. I love ANTM and I love the look you made! Pretty!

  2. I love this soft pink look on you~ Very pretty!

  3. lovely! I love that it still looks subtle and wearable.

  4. Pretty look! :) Super bagay sayo yung lipcolor and I love how you did your eye makeup. :)

  5. Puyat puyatan beauty ko dyan teh...

  6. Thanks sis... i will try light colors next time. Can't figure out pa how to kasi i have dark eye circles e.


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