Wednesday, August 3

Me ♥s Garnier

I started using facial products when i was in high school because of those unwanted pimples and blemishes, i remember i am using eskinol and ponds whitening cream and this is  my seasonal facial beauty products, the reason why i said it's seasonal because i have an active lifestyle, i play volleyball, do mountain climbing and love to travel allot and it just makes my face more darker if I'm using it everyday. But as i grow old, those facial products that i use is no longer effective. It's either makes my face dry or oily, that's why i switch products and found Garnier. I think garnier was first introduce in the Philippines and modeled by KC Concepcion in 2008. Garnier is a subsidy of Loreal and ganier products are affordable and suites for Asian skins. Here's my garnier babies... :D

The garnier pure that you can see is for my pimples on monthly period days.
I will testify that this products lightens my skin and  i say goodbye to those uneven skin tone. Besides of garnier i am using V&S emu oil and CPC+G which i posted here. I am using them for unwanted pimple marks. Hope you like it girls.. muah ♥♥♥


  1. thanks for the info sis, i'll recommend them to my cousins!

  2. i haven't tried garnier products yet. will try these out when i get the chance. thanks for the heads up! :)


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