Wednesday, August 24

Product Review: Everbilena Cheer Blush

I've been using Ever bilena blush for 5 years now and i haven't got any complain. Though some times my eyes and hands wants to grab different brands, but still i managed to stop my self to finish what I've got and every time i'm done with my blush, i still grab ever bilena. Here's my product review for ever bilena cheek blush.

Sorry for the mess. Hihihi... Cheek blush that i use: EARTH, SHY and CHEEK.

Let me start with the packaging.

  • Net wg: 10g
  • Has a soft brush.
  • With a 1 inch mirror.
  • Price 150 php
Here's the sample swatch.

EARTH    -    CHEEK     -   SHY
  • It has a good pigmentation.
  • with UVA / UVB protection.
For there blush you have to apply it in a very light hand to achieve your desire  look.

What i love about this product:
  • Affordable.
  • No allergies.
  • Can apply easily.
  • Handy.
  • Color matches Filipina skins
  • The brush is soft.
  • The mirror is clear.
  • Since it has a goods pigmentation, you can use this blushes for a long time. Promise!
What i don't like.
  • can't think of anything.
Overall rating: 5/5

Will i'm gonna buy this one? : For sure i will. I am just hoping that they will release a new more shades.


  1. I remember Cheek being my first ever makeup from Ever Bilena and it is a dupe of NARS Taos blush. They look the same on the cheeks. :) EB has improved a lot, I think. 

  2. the swatches look great on your skin dear! :) i think i like earth best because it looks so natural.

  3. EARTH is has a shimmery texture. Good for smokey eyes or night out make up.

  4. There are some reviews comparing EB to NARS that are almost alike. There blush really improves and there lipstick as well.

  5. earth can be used to contour, yes? thanks for the review! i think i'm gonna purchase one :)

  6. Yes it is , it adds balances on your make up. And i'm glad you like it!

  7. Yes, i love shy and it is so obvious on the picture.

  8. Ahaha! Pakak! Lam mo yan... Miss na kita, busy busihan ka naman charles.

  9. Sana marunong ako mag-contour. :P

  10. I used to have an EB blush. Raisin. :D Naka-2 na ako. This reminds me to buy one ulit. :D

  11. Eb blush talaga kasi is very affordable and easy to use. :D

  12. i want to try na talaga EB products! love the swatches hun!

  13. @NinMonster:disqus Just sweep your brush across you cheekbone broadly and to your eye line too.

  14. Thanks for the review! I'm so tempted to get this! :D

  15. I love the cheek swatch, peachy and lovely <3

  16. Lol, try it sis. affordable naman e...


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