Wednesday, August 31

Product Review: Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation

Hi, i'm back!!! Done with the long weekend with my daughter and family. Now i'm back on writing. Ok, i know you know that i am a Ever Bilena babe because of it's affordable price, but this product was recommended to me by my sister and since it's 20% off in Robinson's Galleria, i grab one just to try it and i told my sister that if this product didn't work for me i'll give it to her and will go back to EB. Here we go.

Let me start with the packaging.

  • 2 1/2 in tall bottle.
  • 30ml
  • It has a small bottle mouth to avoid mess when you squeeze the bottle.
  • Price from Php349 to Php279.20 ♥
  • True Beige
What i love about this product.
  • It's handy and you can put it on your small pouch.
  • You can easily apply it.
  • Fell smooth after the application.
  • It has Vitamin E
  • 100% oil free and that's proven.

What i don't like about this product.
  • It dries quickly.
Overall rating: 5/5

Will i gonna buy this one? YES.

There you go. I hope you like it girls. 


  1. i have this!!but i dont use foundation kac..nakakapalan ako..i use this kapag need ang medyo heavy makeup!:)) i love this!: affordable pa!:)

  2. I love this aquagel from maybelline but I use it as concealer lang. I agree with Gie for heavy coverage it does it's job. Hope to see u this sat babe~ <3

  3. Ako naman kasi i have un even skin tone kaya i need to use foundation pa. and yes it true affordable nga.

  4. Hmmm ma-try nga for concealer to sometimes, thanks for the tip sis. See you on sat.

  5. If I remember it right, it was my very first liquid foundation ever. Or gel. I thought it was nice and the best part is that it's affordable. Glad this works for you. :)

  6. I've never tried this one. Thanks for the review! I'll check this out next time I visit a dept store. ^__^ 

  7. Haven't tried this on hot sunny days e... kapag di nag oily face go it means, ok siya for me

  8. Nice review on the product.

  9. my sister uses this everyday although i tend to stay away from maybelline base products as they don't work well with my skin. :)

  10. This sounds like a great foundation :) I really love Maybelline foundations in a tube, they're always so moisturizing.  

  11. You should try this gel foundation, for me it is much better than the liquid one.

  12. i'm gonna try this. hoping it'll work for me :)

  13. Try it first under your ears if you will have allergic reactions. But i am sure this will looks good at you.

  14. I have tested this product sa SM kanina.. I applied it to my whole face, it does not cover that much with a light application since water based siya, yes it dries quickly but the results are positive for me. When I look into my self I said "wow" is that me? lol. My face turned even, pantay ang kulay pero hindi mukhang peke. Works for me. Works even better with a loose powder. 

    I love my tan. So I choose the #sand shade. I am a former user of Black Radiance stick foundation, it works good since it totally covers all my blemishes but lol its oily and sticky, you have to put loose powder on it to look perfect. 

    Gotta love Maybelline. Works well for me. :)

  15. That's a great experience sheena. At least it proves that it's not only me who have the same result using the gel foundation. Thanks for your lovely comment and by sharing your great experience.


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