Thursday, August 18

Product Review: NICHIDO Mineral Precise Eye Pencil and Lip Pencil

This two product that i will introduce to you today is my new babies and bought this both at SM Megamall Department store. Before, i'm already ok with the plain black liner that i put on my eyelids and put lipstick as it is. But now i wanna try more to put glow on my face. Let me show them to you.

Left: Nichido Mineral Precise Eye Pencil
  • 5inch of length
  • 0.04 oz or 1.14g
  • Color Bronze
  • Water Resistance
  • Price 115 pesos
Right: Nichido Lip Pencil
  • 5inch length
  • 0.04 oz or 1.14g
  • Color Blaze and Rosette
  • Water Resistance
  • Price 100 pesos

What i like about the product:
  • You can easily apply this because its kinda creamy and soft
  • Affordable
  • You can use it for a longtime 
What i don't like about the product:
  • For the eye pencil it smudged off easily.
  • Since both product is soft you will have a hard time to sharpen it, that's why i'am using paper cutter instead of pencil sharpener.
  • For the lip liner i have to use make up remover to remove it.
Overall rating:  4.70/5

Will i buy again?: Yes if they still have this on the market, when i'm done with this babies.

Hope you like it girls. Time to go to bed. Have a great day.


  1. nice reviews!!
    pls visit and follow my blog i have my first blog giveaway.

  2. Thanks for the review! I have been wanting to try the lip liner in Rosette for a long time now :)

  3. nichido is on of my favorite local brand...

  4. i haven't tried this one yet but now i really should
    like the red lip pencil
    i've only tried their eyebrow pencil

  5. Ok naman siya sis. Bagay sa mga pale lipsticks

  6. You should have 2 types of shade, light and dark , so that you have options.

  7. the only liner i liked from nichido was their cobalt blue eyeliner. really pretty. :)

    i hate their white eyeliner, it's not working!
    oh i followed you already :P :)

  8. I love this review, your pictures is so clear!

  9. For white eyeliner I guess it's better to use Wet n' Wild. :D Nichido is a good affordable drugstore brand though. :D

    What did you use for your photos? :D

  10. You know what i want to try the blue liner din nga e... but i was thinking i might not suite for my eyes bec i have dark eye circles e...

  11. I'm using GE X5. It's a bridge camera with manual mode. That's no need to for to buy an expensive SLR.

  12. Goodie! Ganda naman ng cam. :D

  13. Thanks for commenting! The lip pencil look really pigmented and creamy... your post reminded me that I should check out a nude lip pencil soon!

  14. Thanks for the review! I have the Girls' Night Out liners from Nichido and they're not smudge-proof, too. Too bad coz some have really nice shades:\

  15. That's true!!! IF you have this dapat sure re-touch!

  16. I love that hot pink shade~ So pretty!

  17. i haven't tried these! i guess i ought to swatch these when i visit sm or watsons but i'll stay away from the eye liner.


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