Tuesday, August 16

Product Review: Nivea Body Oil

It's been a quite weekend for me here on my blog and i am busy fixing my header and my blog template, as you can see, it's new and i love it. Back to my review. Nivea smooth body oil is formulated for extra dry skin, it contain 250ml body oil on it's bottle and as you can see it has a sexy bottle, though sometime its hard to place the cap because it's needs to be suited on it's bottle for you to close it tightly. I know that there's allot of different brands of body oil in the market, but Nivea catches my eyes, because Nivea line really provides good reviews in terms of skin care and even my deodorant i uses Nivea and i don't care  how much it cost me as long as Nivea takes care of my skin. Nivea smooth body oil is enriched with avocado oil that has allot of moisturizing properties. And i bought this one for 298 pesos in watson at SM Megamall.

As you can see Nivea body oil bottle has a small sealing surface so that you can't spill allot of oil when you try to pour it. and here is  the same picture below the before and after application of nivea body oil.

The picture above has a illustration of before and after of the body oil application. So can see the difference?

What i like:
  • I love the smell of the oil, smells like baby powder.
  • I love the smooth feeling after application.
  • Once you apply it after 2 mins there's no greasy feeling.
  • There's no warm and sweaty feeling the whole day.

What i don't like:
  • The cap it self, i am having a hard time to close and fit it in the bottle.

Overall rating: 4.3 / 5 ♥

Will buy again?: Yes of course, and i will recommend this product. But i might not use it on hot summer days because it might burn my skin. 


  1. I am always tempted to buy this one, but not sure if it'll work with my skin type. I am a huge fan of Nivea products too you know. I swear, I have more or less 10 Nivea items in my room. Hihi.

  2. No one can resist Nivea though. Try it sis i have super dry skin and this one really works for me.

  3. Ang elegant ng packaging. I'd love to get one and slather myself with oil after toweling dry.

  4. This is the secret of lucy torres, puttind body oil after bath.

  5. Wow, secret to her glowing and flawless skin?

  6. That's what she said on her show in QTV before

  7. I'll be more religious in doing this na. :P Joyce Jimenez said the same thing.

  8. I love using body oil after bath! :) I am planning to get the Neutrogena one but I'll definitely consider this. :)

  9. I was thinking of grabing Neutrogena before, but this one catches my eyes.

  10. I find Neutrogena a little expensive but many have said it worth a try. :)

  11. i think.. i need this one pretty.. thanks for sharing..


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