Tuesday, September 20

2nd Port 88 Experience

It' a super rainy Saturday afternoon when i arrived at megatent and this is a tiring Saturday for me travelling back and forth from home to my apartment, still i manage to be here just to meet Gen and to see what's on there 2nd bazaar. Here are some of the pictures that i took, it is just few because i ran out of battery that day.

 One of the thing that i enjoy on this bazaar is the very affordable Pringles! Php100 for 2, hihihi...  And the 2 for Php999 of SO Fab which i didn't buy anything from them this time. And meeting new people is one of the best thing i enjoy on this bazaar, as you can see on the right picture there is Aries and Gen ( Beauty Blogger).  Aries  De Guzman is the Owner and the Plus Size designer of ERZULLIE. I was suppose to buy her Kimono inspired blazer on the next day, but i was tired when i arrived home from Quiapo. Any way, if you want to check her beautiful designed go and check there website: http://erzullie.multiply.com They do sell affordable and fashionable clothes for plus size women.

The always present Mia Casa on Megatent Bazaar. They do sell affordable accesories. And this where i bought my feather earings last year.

This is Gen and here very famous tassel earings. She is not part of this bazaar but i ask her to bring here tassel earings so that i can buy one. I f you do have questions and you want to order just go to her website http://missgennd.blogspot.com/ and leave a comment or email her at missgennd@yahoo.com .

This is the booth of Euphoria Online, who also sells clothes and accessories online via facebook. And their item is the last  item that i bought that day. I got their lovely necklace on a bargain price of 2 for Php220 only, the girl is very friendly and  so fond of giving discounts. Here' the lovely necklace that i got from them.

I now Christmas is near and there are more sale items on the way, but i can't help it. And good thing Gen was there who help me to be a wise buyer. Thanks for all the tips girl. I was expecting some of the girls here, but they were tired on there Blogapalooza event. Hope to see more beauty bloggers next time.


  1. hi sis, punta sana ako... kaso nga lng maulan dat day! d2 pa ako manggaling sa taguig! hope you had a great day!

    a GIRL Thing

  2. Really niece pieces of necklaces you got there. :)

  3. Great items for accessories! Very interesting pieces. :)

  4. sayang d ako nakapunta.. I want your necklace!! hope to see you girls soon! mwah! :)

  5. Weee. The necklaces you bought are so cute!!! :)

  6. looks fun! ang patay gutom ko hahaha! yun pringles agad napansin ko. ang gaganda ng accessories. :D

  7. I know right. Food lovers tayo for life.

  8. Jade, loving your necklace haul, such a steal! Hope next time I can attend this bazaar as well.

    Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

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  9. Sana nga at magkitakita naman tayo...


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