Saturday, September 10

Product Review: NICHIDO & Everbilena Eye Pencil

I remember way back in 90's girls are very fond of using eye pencil for there brows and eyes, there's no eyebrow kit back then and one line eyebrows is the trend that time. And i was one of them back in high school. That's why i never fail buying at least one eye pencil for my brows because it is so hard to fix your brows if you are on a  hurry. So let me share the eye pencil that i use to fix my brows.

 As you can see i have 3 shades: Everbilena (brown) which is lighter compare to Nichido (Black Brown ) & (Brown). Let me start my review.


  • Both pencil has a length of  2 1/2 inch
  • Nichido has 1gram and  Everbilena has no indication.
  • Everbilena is sharpener friendly and Nichido is not.
  • Price is less than Php100
What i like about the product:
  • Both of them has a good pigmentation.
  • Easy to apply, but Nichido is much softer compare to Everbilena.
  • Affordable and you can use it for a long period of time.
What i don't like about the product:
  • Nichido: can easily remove and smudgy on hot season.
  • Everbilena: Can't of any.
Rating: 5/5 and i will gonna buy this two products.

Everbilena brown pencil is good on brow modification, especially if you want a thick brown brows. For Nichido i am using this for both my brows and eye line.  So girls are you still fond of buying the old school eye pencil to fix your brows?


  1. Ang ganda ng swatches! :) 

    Wala ako masabi kasi I've tried liners from both brands and was disappointed. :( But I'm glad these work for you.

  2. Great review! I use eyeliner for my brows e. Kaso parang ok din yung mga powder ata? :P

  3. Thanks pammy. Madami nga nassabi na pencil liner doesn't works for them, i don;t know nga me bakit mas sanay ako dito.

  4. Powder is ok din sis. Kaso you need wax pa o water para kumapit siya. For heavy make up pwede yun pero for super rush like me i need eye pencil. Thanks sis...

  5. Awesome! I use to use a pencil too! :) 

  6. Agree, Nichido liners aren't smudgeproof :/ But the shades are lovely :D

  7. love your swatches!! my mom loves to use nichido.. i tried that before and i love it.. great swatches sis.. love your clear shots!

  8. Thanks aya, i might look for other brands na nga e.

  9. Thanks diane, im using GE X5 here :D i was making ipon for DSLR para before cebu i have it na.

  10. Wala akong kilay and I don't know how to use brow pencils, but I have one (the small brow pencil from Maybelline). Sabi sakin ang sungit daw ng kilay ko pag yun ung gamit ko. XD So I use dark brown eyeshadow powder to fill in my brows.

  11. Hi Sweethestia! Nice review. I'm using Nichido Eyebrow Pencil. I like it but I'm still looking for a better brow pencil. Hope you make a tutorial on how you shape your brows. I have thick messy eyebrows so I'd love to see how you shape yours. :P

  12. ohh thanks for the review! :D have you tried nichido liquid eyeliner? :)

  13. You are welcome hazel. I have their liquid eyeliner too the problem lang di siya water proof.

  14. Try Everbilena maganda din naman. With my brows tutorial iniisip ko pa yan waley kasi ako camcorder tsaka medyo pinapatubo ko pa ung brows ko, pano namali ako ng shave. :P

  15. That's true, brow pencil is good for thick brows lang talaga. good thing you use eyeshadow na.


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