Wednesday, September 7

Product Review: NICHIDO Girls Night out Eye Pencil

This post should have been posted last month, due to expo thingy i already forgot to post it. :D I bought this eye pencil because i want my eye to look little lighter when i am not wearing any eye shadow. And this one was recommended to me by a friend, she told me to use this with a concealer, because i have a dark eye circle and having a dark eye circle is a big burden for me, i look like wearing an eyeshadow even if im not. Hay.. ok here's my review.


  • 2 inches long
  • Easy open cap
  • 1.4 grams
  • It has a soft rubber rubber.
  • Shades: Pink diamond & Vivid Turquoise
Price: Php 80.00

What i likea about this pencil:
  • Easy to apply and it has a soft texture
  • Pigmentation is good.
What i dont like:
  • I am having a hard time sharpening it because of its soft texture.
  • Can easily remove.
Rating: 3/5 and i might not gonna but again. I might look for something that will helps me reduce this dark eye circles. 


  1. Thanks for the review Jade. I was contemplating on buying all their shades hinde na lang siguro. =)

  2. I've been wanting to try their eye pencils especially the bright colored ones for a while now but I keep skipping it, because I can just use an eyeshadow to line my eyes. so, I guess I'm really not buying it at all. Awesome review.

  3. I have the white liner and used to have the smokey green one. I agree that they are gone in just a short time. Might as well invest on something that lasts longer. :)

  4. For me kasi i don't know how to use eyeshadow to line my eyes, most of the time na luluha ako.. :D

  5. That's true pammy. Will gonna check out nga other brands e.

  6. Sayang, ang ganda pa naman ng shades nila. Wish they lasted longer. :)

  7. I will never buy this product again. Ever. 

  8. Taray naman ng friend ko. Madam na madam. :p

  9. Haha. Di naman. Nabbwisit lang ako dito. Ang ganda sana kaso andaling matanggal. Hehe

  10. Thank you for your comment on my blog :) You have such a lovely blog and really interesting post, I really lie your product reviews. Please come back and visit again, 


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