Sunday, September 25

Tagged & Giveaway: Tell Me about yourself award and Myrted's giveaway

I was tagged!!! And this award was given to me by myrted of thanks girl. It's been a long time since i receive an award and this one is definitely different, now i have allot of things in mind now what to write about me. Here we go.

Mother - I am a single mom and i already have an 8 year old daughter. She is my little me from head to toe.

2009 photo of my friend nat and yeng at Puerto Gallera.
Phographer: your's truly

Frustrated Photographer - I love photos, i love taking photos. I want to keep the beautiful things that i see. Treasure every moment even the small things. I don't care whether i am using a digital camera or not as long as i can take a picture of the beautiful scene in front of me.

Frustrated Painter - 80's baby's remember this person? This is Bob Ross of The Joy in painting in RPN 9. This funny guy really inspires me allot, i remember him using a black canvas and transform it into a beautiful landscape.  I remember, i used to use my mom's shoe boxes as my canvas and i use water color to paint and try t mimic bob's painting. That's why i got frustrated when my dad didn't allow to take Fine Arts course. That's why i ended up taking Business Administration.

House Chef - I am our house chef. I love to cook since i was a kid.  When i was 7 i remember baking a cookies using flour, egg, sugar and milo. :D My mom gets angry with me, because she was afraid i might burn my hands but my cousins loves it. :p And because of i love food and i love to cook i made created a food blog. You can go and check out my food blog too, just click this link .

So i wanna share this award to these lovely ladies.

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  1. grats for the award :3

    btw don't forget to join my circle lens GIVEAWAY:

    thanks ^^

  2. You must be a good cook! :D I really love foods too. Sometimes I also get this crazy idea of being a chef. Hihi. :)

  3. congrats on the award sis! :) your daughter is going to be a really pretty lady someday. :D and, i love eating! maybe you should cook and i'll eat LOL! xD joke! ;)

  4. Thank you for following my blog :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  5. Lol, it's is do frustrating talaga...

  6. pretty mom and daughter!:)) kamukha mo jade.

  7. you're pretty inside and out!
    we're lucky to have a daughter!
    i admire you more.. mmuaah

  8. oops! i awarded you this one too! but there's two more, so congrats, sis! :D


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