Friday, September 30

Tagged & Giveaway: Thanks Cherie

I was tagged again and this one is now from Cherie of . Thanks girl and thank you for being a good blogger friend. So let me share to you this beautiful awards.

I was already tagged before with the last 2 awards and this is the first time i was tagged for Classic Beauty award. 
For those who haven't read my previous award post, let me give you the link.
For Tell me about yourself award here is the link CLICK HERE.
For the Kreativ Blogger Award here is the link CLICK HERE.

Ok before i will tagged 10 Beautiful Bloggers for this awards. Let me share my 7 things about me in line with the Classic Beauty Award. This might sound funny to you but this is true. OLD SCHOOL RULES.

1. Yes, i am a classic Filipina who believes in superstitious beliefs. Especially those simple beliefs that we are not allowed to sweeping dirt at night.
2. Yes, i am a classic Filipina who loves playing jackstone until now.
3. Yes, i am a classic Filipina who sometimes go to church for novina.
4. Yes, i am a classic Filipina who use banana leave to make the flat iron glide smoothly on clothes.
5. Yes, i am a classic Filipina who believes in pasma ( Parkinson's) and usog (evil eye hex).
6. Yes, i am a classic Filipina who believes that beer is more effective than using a spray net for curling hairs.
7. Yes, i am a classic Filipina who is fun of  long ligawan ( courtship ).

Hihihi... That's all.. i was laughing when i am writing this. Ok so for the girls that i am tagging be ready. I want to tagged more than 10 bloggers. Para Masaya :P

Charles -
Diane -
Jen -
Gen -
Gellie - Http://
Gizelle -
Mar -
Jes -
Hollie -
Pammy -
Helen -
Sugar -
Aya -
Tiffany -
King king -
Keigh :

Ayan!!! I wanna read your post... ♥♥♥


  1. hahaha... natawa ako! I never thought that beer can be used for hair. very interesting... super thanks for tagging me this, I really appreciate it. :D

  2. Thanks Dear! I'll have to work on this soon, okay? Thanks again!! :)

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  3. Hi sis! thanks for the tag! haha natawa ko, we are alike from 1-5 and 7! haha no.6 never heard pa LOL curious much hahaha! super fun 'to ha.. i'll do it as soon as i can! wahahaha! tenchoo! mmuah!

  4. Thanks for the tag sis! I will do this soon! Hehehe! :D Never knew beer can curl my hair! :D

  5. You're welcome. i am glad you like it!

  6. Lol, allot of you don't know about this.... LOl you are welcome sis

  7. Thank you soooo much babe for tagging me~ <3


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