Saturday, September 3

Warts Removal Experience at MiCara Medical

Last month we got a good deal at Metro Deal for unlimited warts removal, instead of you paying for Php3k you only need to pay Php300 for the treatment, this offer really amazed me since it's my first time to experience a warts removal treatment. After paying it online we called there office to make an appointment at their branch in Eastwood Libis QC, which is near our place. The girl on the phone said that there's no more slot for august and september, that's why we were advised to get our treatment at their branch in commonwealth, QC. Ok go! excited ako e. Heto na!!! Here's my lovely.. O_o experience.

Looking at their ad above and reading their address in commonwealth, i was imagining a very accommodating and relaxing place. The place is kinda hard to find because landmarks are not familiar to me. Second, no one in their village/subdivision knows there clinic, but the instruction that was given to me is correct. So what we did is, we walk straight ahead for like 10mins and finally saw there banner hanging in the gate O_o?... ok eto na siya ( this is it!).

It's a house. Based on there address it is MiCara Medical, but it's a house with there banner. So, we enter their  house/clinic and people are not so accommodating and since we're early, they assist us right away.

Here's what happen on the procedure.

  • The girl who assist me ask me to lay on the bed/medical bed ( sorry i don't know what they call it.) for the anesthesia.
  • No robe.
  • She clean my neck wearing my shirt, she put a liquid soap and wipe it with a sponge.
  • After she clean my neck, she put a cream anesthesia and cover each warts with a scotch tape?.
And here is my neck with a scotch tape. They ask me to wait for 30min for the anesthesia to take effect, before doing the warts removal procedure and while waiting for it, i ask for their permission to take some pictures. So i took some pictures of there home clinic.

So that's the medical bed with a bed sheet beside the window, on the right, is the main front door and on the left is a TV set. After taking this picture my session started. But the picture that you will see below is not me :D. Hehehe, she's my partner.

What i like about there service.
  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • They offered a cream for the treated parts. Php 200
What i don't like.
  • The lady who handle my treatment is not attentive, she accidentally burnt/electrify my skin, because she keeps on looking outside the window and watching TV.
So there you go girls, i don't know what to say anymore. My motto for today is "what you pay is what you get." :p Though Php300 is not bad, atleast no more warts on my neck. I just need to see what will happen after a week. So if you wanna experience having a warts removal on a cheapest price, try to check Ensogo and Metro Deal. And read some experience reviews first.


  1. That was awful! You could've filed a complaint because of that burnt skin. I hate attendants who are not attentive. If they want to want tv or go stare outside the window, they better do it without a client. At lumabas katarayan ko. Haha! Seriously, you can complain about it. :)

  2. Naku girl d ko na naisip yun e... uwing uwi na kasi ako.  :(

  3. omg, how could she watched a TV while doing that on you =( I'd be angry if I were you.

  4. I was already tired that's why i just let my anger go and i wanna go home. And it's ok, got an affordable price though. But i will be choosy next time.

  5. OMGOSH that's HORRIBLE! sana hindi ka na tumuloy..=(( 
    bakit ganyan super namumula? uggghh! medyo malalim ang pag cautery! 
    hindi ba nag-scar? 
    OMG don't remove the scabs ha.. 
    let the scabs heal and fall off on its own.

  6. Sana nga binigay ko na lng sa iba ung coupon eh. Medyo malalim nga e, pero di ko pa lam kung mag kaka scar siya. I popost ko talag ung result kapag nag peklat to. Thanks diane, i'll keep your advise about the scabs.

  7. ok sis, medyo itchy yan for sure pag-malapit na gumaling.. so no scratching kahit tulog =( sana wag mag-scar.. buti wala sa fez

  8. Kaya sa neck ko lng try, kasi first time ko. pero kapag sa face na naku sa mamahaling derma na talag. Thanks talag sis.


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