Thursday, October 13

Got my prize: H&M leather bands

Again and again, thank you so much MAR of NYOBQ for this lovely giveaway and i even say WOW with a loud tone of voice when i got your message, good thing i was in the front my monitor that night and my trainer just think that i was amaze with our topic. LOL .

I am wasn't aware that i won because i was busy on training for the past 3weeks and i am super information overload when i got home and sometimes fail to read blog na nga e. Sorry girls. But at least i learned to manage my time na, 20% on blogging 40% for my job and 40% with me and my family. My partner is happy na nga e, because she can use the computer anytime she like, unlike before when i resign and stuck for 2 months, blogging is 50% of my life. Hihihi.

So now girls here's my lovely gifts from Mar.

This lovely bands was deliver via courier and i didn't took the picture of the courier package since my and mar's details are on it. This is such a lovely bands, i like this because, i didn't get any skin irritation when i try it on. The leather texture has no warm feeling wheny ou wear it. And the charm on it is not heavy and that's what i like. So girls if you want to have a fab and posh giveaways or experience this as well, better read / always read Mar's blog, because she definitely give unique giveaway. Thanks MAR again and again. And thanks you for being so friendly. Muah!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts sissy!
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