Sunday, October 30

Haul: Last October haul

This is my last haul for October and will make a review about these products by November. I am so sorry if i am on and off on my blog. I've been super busy with my work and with my daughter since its their sem-break.

Good thing that there's an October sale in megamall, that's why i bought some of these products on sale. And if you want to have a weekend shopping today, just drop at megamall and get your favorite items for a discounted price.

I do love shopping especially on those in need days & if i really really need to buy things for myself , but i  make sure that i will buy it all in one time and i make sure that these things can be used in months since money matters to me nowadays and need to save allot for our future. Thank you GOD for the blessings.

And these are the things that i bough for my daughter . These are only few, because most of it are clothes and some stuff for her play time.

We bought ourselves a pair of banana peel flip flops, since its buy one take one at mega trade hall and i bought her a new shoes from St. Francis. My daughter is 8 years old already and she is not enjoying wearing rubber shoes now, that's why i bought her allot of doll shoes. So there you go girls. Will make a review na with those products by next week. Happy a happy weekend.


  1. I have that same nail polish and the fix hair wax in that same variant! :) Hihi. :D

  2. I have the moisturizer but still finishing my existing moisturizer pa. Lemme know if it's any good~ IMY~

  3. great haul! The slippers are so cute. And oh! I like the smell of that Bench cologne. Looking forward for your reviews :)

  4. Thanks em. Will make sure to post more reviews now.

  5. Yes i will... i am using it na nga e

  6. Kakaloka noh... ok siya gamintin...

  7. yep yep lalo na kpag may matitigas na ulo na hair na ayaw sumunod. hehe! :D


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