Monday, October 17

Outlet SALE and Props tools and cosmetics visit

Last week is a sales week for everybody from Friday to Sunday. Everybody's getting gaga to go to malls and do early Christmas shopping. Me i go gaga on paying the bills and rent. Lord give me strength. Anyway, since shopping is my stress reliever i go to Tiendesita's outlet sale just to buy at least one item to pamper myself and the place is just 10 steps away from the office.

There are some good items available on their outlet sale but none of them impress me. What i just did i grab a reva rubber sandals for Php215 so that i can use it on rainy season. Here are the picture that i took while checking the bazaar.

Next stop is Props tools and cosmetics. I order online for 32 lippie under Gellie's affiliate page, but sad the 32 lippie is out of stock, that's why i ended buying klean colours crack polish. I suppose to grab the 88 matte pallete but i was thinking to buy it if my partner is not there. Hehehe. Because i don't want to hear "eyeshadow again?!!" :( But i will go there next payday and grab the palette, but ate the store keeper said that they will launch new items by November, so i will going to check it out. Here is the photos that i took in there store.
So for those who haven't heard about props here is there website . Or visit their store at Fashion Village in Tiendesitas.

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  1. OMG!!!! where is that place??! I want to go!! * A * make up!! haha


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