Sunday, October 9

Product Review: Everbilena Cheek Blush (Honest)

Hello ladies!!! Sorry for being so lazy posting reviews on this blog. As you can see i have new job now, so it means to say, less blogging and need to focus on training. Thank's insomnia and i can write reviews again. So here is my 1st haul for this October and i will try to post more reviews or even FOTD's this month.

Everbilena Cheek Blush in Honest

Another blush collection for me from everbilena and for you to check out my post and review about there blush kindly click here this will  give information about everbilena cheek blush. So let me show you the how pigmented this one is. 
for those girls who's interested on buying this. There current price right now for this blush is Php. 149.00 . Same packaging and same brush and mirror inside. So there you go girls. Sorry if this review is too short, just check details on the link i provided above, since they didn't change anything on there blush.  Muah!


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