Thursday, October 20

Product Review: Mousse Concealer by Everbilena

Looking for a good concealer is very hard especially if you do have dark eye circles like me. I was looking for Maybelline mousse concealer but it's no longer available. That's why i ended buying Everbilena product again. At first i was thinking twice about it, but when the sales lady tried to put it on my eyes i was amaze, it is a good thing i am not wearing make that day.  And i badly need a new concealer to hide my tired eye in the office. So let me share to you my new found baby.

It is a 12g mousse concealer with a light and handy well sealed container. You ca bring it in the office and it is space friendly for your make up kit.

Here is how it look like when i apply it in my hands, it lightens the right side and even cover some hairs on it. I use a natural light on this photo.

I hope you can see the difference.

1st picture:  No concealer
2nd picture: It has concealer and it lightens my eyes a little and look at the puffiness it minimizes.
3rd picture: I top it with face power after the  concealer and it is so light and fresh.

What i love about the product.

  • It is handy and skin friendly
  • Affordable price for 175 pesos only.
  • Long-lasting and no warm feeling
  • It doesn't have a bad smell.
NO bad comment.
And i will but again, but if Maybelline will release another mousse concealer, i will grab their's . SO there you go girls. Hope you like it.


  1. wow.. this is a nice product to try on. I'm running out of concealer and I need one so badly. :) Good thing hindi mahirap hanapin ang EverBilena dito. hehehe :) Thank you for the review <3

    P.S. I followed your blog via GFC hope you can follow back <3

  2. Thanks rhea. Kahit paano tangkilikin ko naman ang sariling atin.

    Will follow you back girl.

  3. thankyou for this review! this looks like a good product sis! :)

  4. you're welcome. Alam mo nama ako EB girl...

  5. another great review! love the clear and crisp photos! galing!


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