Friday, November 4

I support KMBI

I am proud to say that I support KMBI. And what is KMBI? KMBI is a non-profit organization, a Christ-centered organization who provides microfinance service for poor, trainings and values formations. And they have a good impact with their clients for 25 years.

They focuses their attention to poor entrepreneurial women and these are those women who stay at home and micro-financing helps them to support their family income by being self employed. This year they already conducted a environmental projects and one of their project is what they called “ Beauty with a conscience”

Beauty with a conscience project is a growing awareness to battle climate change and to educate people on the impact of human consumption. This project will allow other companies to support our environment by giving at least one peso per sold item and they call it "Piso para sa KMBI" project.
Any environmental company can be a KMBI partner and the donation will help KMBI to do their project like, river clean ups, urban gardening, recycling, clean up drives, waterways de-clogging, tree and mangrove planting.

So if you want to battle climate change and you want to help our environment, act now and do your part. Like what KMBI’s doing, they save lives and help our environment. For more information about KMBI and their updated project you can visit their website .

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