Wednesday, November 23

Product Review: Bench Matte Sculpting Wax

Are you tired of seeing those tangled hairs? well, here's my solution. Try bench fix professional matte sculpting wax, it has a strong hold and less shine when you apply it on your hair.

What i love about this product:

  • Inexpensive and its only for 50+php only.
  • Handy
  • I love the smell
  • When you apply the wax in your hair, its really visible
  • It is not sticky
  • It can last for 12hrs in your hair.
  • It is not hard to remove when you take a bath.
What i don't like:
  • can't think of anything.
Rating: 5/5 and i will buy again and again.

I am using  their Bench fix clay before, but i stop using it because it is so hard to remove when you wash your hair. So, have you already tried this?


  1. interesting, I want to try this. I'm currently looking for a good setting lotion before I curl my hair. I  wonder if you can recommend any product.

  2. my bf is using this and he loves it :)

  3. i usually don't put any products on my hair because i'm very very very tamad pag dating sa buhok ko hahahaha! :D

  4. Naku sis ngayon lng to... di pa kasi ako nag paaprebond e...

  5. great product! you made me wanna try it! :) i love wax with less shine! 

  6. nice review...  that's my brother's fave
    It’s a GIRL Thing

  7. i usually use spray but it requires me to use hot water in order to completely remove it. i guess i need to try the product you recommend here. thanks for sharing!

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