Saturday, November 5

Product Review: Island Basics Bug off spray

Hello ladies,

Again sorry for being lazy posting stuff her on my blog, again im busy with work last month but like what i promise to you i will going to post allot of things for November. Let me starts with a non-make up related product but this will help you to have a relaxing living. Let me start by introducing Island Basics.

Island basics was formed by Patricia and decided to make their own all-natural products. They want to create a product that is environmental friendly and good for our skin too. Their products are locally made with a reasonable price. So let me share to you their island basics bug off spray.

DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE. On of the big hitch here in the Philippines, this decease can hit anyone, no age limit. Good thing, there are companies who provides prevention's with this type of decease.  But of course prevention should comes to us first, by cleaning our neighborhood and avoiding things that will cause this deceases .

And that's why Island basic create a spray to shoo these little devils or what we called mosquito's. IB bug off spray consists of  ethyl alcohol, essential oils of lemongrass and mandarin. This smell can keep insects away. you just need to spray this to your upholstery and curtains.

What i like about the product:
    - It has a relaxing smell everytime i spray it in my bed and my sofa
    - NO allergic reaction, since i am a asthmatic person
    - It's a budget friendly product. for 180php.
    - It is really effective in keeping those mosquito's away.

What i don't like about the product:
   - For me it only last for 4 hrs. But my partner said she can still smell it until the next day.

We made a test on this product by staying at our terrace for like 5 hrs, we spray the bug off spray to our shorts hihihi... Then we tried to stay their that long while chit chating and eating mirienda. We did this in the afternoon, since every afternoon. The sun comes down and the moon is rising, no mosquito approach us and no insect big in our skin, it means it is effective. That's why every night we spray this bug off spray in our bed and spray it again in our curtain and sofa in the morning. Let me also share to you their other spray products.

There's allot of good products under Island basic, beauty and household care products. And from November 2011 till January 2012, Island Basics will be giving away one peso per item sold to the "Piso para sa KMBI" project. This donation will help KMBI fund environmental initiatives  already started by KMBI members. So if you are interest in helping our environment and if you want to keep a healthy living and if you are looking for a all natural product you can visit Island basic website: and like them at facebook: island basics Philippines.


  1. Nice to know that this product worked well for you! I might buy this. :D

  2. Try it sis... nakakarelax siya promise

  3. Thanks for sharing this review , Just checked their site, they have pretty much nice products!I'm eyeing the Cleansing oil...;)

  4. THey said their cleansing oil is good daw...

  5. shioks i like that blue bottle! trip ko yung bottle! :)) miss u JAdey!:)

  6. Kulit much ni charles... miss you too charles...


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