Thursday, November 17

Product Review: Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm

The next generation of lip balm is born and this is what Maybelline New York says, and they created a lip balm that provides SPF20 to protect your lips from sun rays, win or cold temperature. And Baby lip can shed away rough dryness.

This is the first a lip balm that i used that has a SPF20 and i will give 2 thumbs up for Maybelline. I really need this product that's why i bought it. I am commuter, i always ride jeep, fx and i have to wait for like 15mins just to get a ride and the sun is so hot in the afternoon and having a afternoon shift really pissed me off.

What i love about this product:

  • The minty smell.
  • It smoothens my lips.
  • Affordable for 79php.
  • Easy to find.
  • Handy
What i don't like:
  • Can't think of anything.
Rating: 5/5 and will continue to buy this.

So girls if you are looking for a lip protection, grab Maybelline Baby lip now. How about you? what is you lip protection?


  1. What? it's only Php79 pesos, this is definitely added on my to buy list! I haven't seen this yet, I'll be sure to grab this when I see it. I'm currently using the Alba un-petroleum lip balm with SPF18 which I bought at healthy options. I'm on my second tube it's only Php99 but this new balm from maybelline really looks promising.

  2. I'm a solid carmex user. But I think this is pretty interesting :) Will try it! :D

  3. Great review! Will look for this when I go out! ^^

  4. super affordable nga sis e... allot of people is using this na nga e.

  5. try it and i am sure you will love it

  6. i want to try this! available na ba to locally? i'm sorry i hardly go to department stores nowadays. -_- para tuloy ako engx2 LOL!

  7. Personally, I love Maybelline lip products! Especially their watershine lipsticks. :) Might have to try this lip balm as I've never been a victim of dried lips until recently when the Philippine weather started acting up so badly. :(

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  8. That's my problem too, hot weather and because i am smoking lip balm is my partner for dry lips

  9. i could use this too!  the weather is making my lips dry


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