Sunday, November 6

Product Review & NOTD: Cracked nails using Klean color and caronia

Hello ladies, today let me share to you my experience using Klean Color cracked nail polish. I bought this polish from props and cosmetics for 180php and i also use caronia platinum silver as the base.

The good bits about klean color is that they have a pigmented color, what you see on he bottle is what you see when you applied it.

If yo are using klean color cracked polish make sure to apply it fast because it easy dried up and always put top coat after so that the cracked polish wont fall.

The thing that i don't like about this polish is that it is so hard to remove and i still need to use a pusher to remove those excess polish.

And their polish can stay for 2 weeks, just make sure to apply a top coat for its to stay longer.

I've tried the local cracked called OMG, i don't like it because it is not pigmented like Klean and it really smells like acetone.  And her is the base coat that it use.

I uses a silver platinum because it is a perfect combination with brown. And yes Caronia can avail anywhere here in the Philippines.

This polish only cost 32php since its on a big bottle, the good thing about the platinum line of Caronia polish is that it is easy to apply and this color can use in any occasions.

I remember OLD school mommy and lola's love wearing Caronia platinum color if theirs a Christening and Wedding occasion that they need to attend. Wala lng, share ko lang.

SO there you go ladies. How about you what's your NOTD for this week?


  1. it looks fab dear! :) i think i also bought a crackling polish from them a while back. ewan ko lang san ko nalagay hahahaha! xD

  2. sobrang dami naba ng polish mo babe? LOL. will might try nga the red one e.. IMY sugar

  3. I love how your nails look! =) It's a pretty design.


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