Wednesday, November 16

Product Review: Pure Beauty Super Brightening Eye Gel

I know that i've been so quite this past few days. It is a painful week for me and my family and i know some of you know what happen.

So for me to cope up to you guys, i will share my experience using Pure Beauty's Super Brightening Eye gel. This eye gel is made in Korea and it was endorse/market by Watson Philippines.

The reason why i bought this product is because of the dark circles around my eyes. Thou i was born morena but having a dark eye bags really makes me look so tired and masungit. But thanks to concealers and make-up foundation to cover those dark spots, but of-course my face needs to breath from make-up and sometimes we had those lazy days not putting any make-up especially on those hot weather times.

So now girls, let me share to you how great this product is. I know there are some reviews that says they're not happy with this because puffiness is still showing. Well, c'mon girls this is a product to brightens the dark circle not a miracle gel for puffiness.

What i love about this product:
  • It's not too expensive and it only cost 183php
  • No allergic reaction
  • No bad smell
  • It has a sexy tube and it is not messy to use.
  • I does lightens my eyes.
What i don't like about this product:
  • can't think of anything
Will i gonna buy again?: Probably yes, if they still have this in the market.

Rating: 4/5

Here is the sample picture of before and after i use this product. And for your information, i am using this product for 1 month na.

So there you go girls i hope you like it. This is one of the best product that I've used. And i do recommend this product


  1. i haven't tried any of their products. thanks for this review sis! it did brighten your undereye area in the picture. =)

  2. You shared here a good information. It is good product for your eye. There are no side effects of it and many benefit of it.

  3. I love this product nga e. but you must have allot of patience to get the results

  4. true.. i suggest for you to grab one now

  5. As a mother of three I often have dark circle around my eyes from lack of sleep this is a really good product it really lightens my eyes it is a god send as I dont have time in the mornings to cover them up with make up.

    This kind of thing can bring beauty to my eyes with little effort! I need some now! Lol


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