Sunday, December 25

New found Matte Nail Polish

Merry Christmas everyone !!! Hope you had a great Christmas. Me, i spend my Christmas in the office, talking with mah... customers. To ease my loneliness on Christmas eve, let me share my happiness with my new found nail polish.

So let me introduce you to Capher nail art. Capher nail art is a Korean owned store. They Offer tones of nail polishes that you can use every day and for special occasions. They also introduce different tools and nail pen for nail arts.

The good thing about there polishes is that the matte effect stays long compare to other well known brands and their prices range to  85php to 300pesos depending of the polish effects.

Their prices are affordable for me because you can have a matte nail polish like this for 120php at 12ml.oz bottle, which i think is allot compare to other brands.

Though you cannot get this on your nearest store, but they have branches in Robinson's Galleria and Market market.

And as you can see this is the first time i saw a nail polish bottle that has a expiration date and these polishes are made in Korea. The polish that you will see below is one of their best seller, the Matte Top coat.

CNA matte top coat is 120php as well with a 14ml oz bottle, expiration and with p; precautions of course. The reason why i bought this so that i don't have to buy allot of matte polishes since i still have polishes that i can make it matte. Here is the experiment that i did with my 4 caronia polishes.

Black Velvet, Desire, On the go and baby pink

As you can see i does react on my 4 polishes but not on the Black velvet, maybe because it is not compatible with a velvet polish? LOL... But i don't care, as long as it is effective and can help me do a different effects on my old polishes and i am so loving it. I was thinking of buying their glittery polishes, but Christmas is definitely over, so no need. 

So their you go girls i hope you like it and how about you, have you tried it na?


  1. Merry Christmas, Jade! Ang sipag mo. :P I like the idea of a matte top coat. It saves you money because it can make all your nail polish at home matte. Galing! :)


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