Wednesday, December 28

New things and New me for 2012

Before anything else, i would like to great you a Happy 2012 to my friends and fellow bloggers, wish you all the luck and happiness on this coming 2012.

Ok, so now let me share to you some of the things i got this month. First, first i got a chance to be with my family on Dec. 24, 2011 before going to work. Second, i got a special gift from my partner, a lovely 88 matte eyeshadow pallet from props. I't was a great full moment for me because she really make an effort and show appreciation on that things that i love to do and it's one of he greatest gift ever.

3rd gift that i got is from my family and friends. It was a meaning full moment as well because even-though i am not around, never forget me on Christmas. 4th gift is from me when is bough this lovely earrings from F21. It really brings me back on my childhood days and i bought this one on Christmas day while waiting for my partner at SM Megamall.

This earrings cost 305.00php, i know that its kinda expensive but i am into the quality of the product. When i got home i put a top coat nail polish right away so that i can maintain its color and quality, since i am acidic.

The good thing that i love about the earrings is that, it's is easy to pair it on different types of clothes and it really looks cute on my ears. hihihihi.. and the 5th gift that i got is when i colored my hair... owww... yes i colored it!!!

I was suppose to do hair rebonding, but because of my shift schedule, if i do rebond it will take 6 to 7 hrs and i will not enjoy my day off. And since i have a natural curly hair i just decide to go to a good salon and let them fix it and color it. It was December 23 when i decided to go to Vivere salon at SM Megamall, and i went there for like around 3pm, at that time there's really allot of customer, at first i only want to have a hair cut, then they offer me to have a hair color too. Ok, i said yes, though it was really expensive, but still... i give it at shot. I though i will be having a great outlook after the color but when i got home i notice that there's a uneven color ( pachi-pachi), so i went back to their salon on December 25 and the stylist really say sorry and fix my hair for free, so what he did, he put highlights on it and add colors again, for its to blend well and do some small treatment and  there you go the out come is much better. ( Buti nalng bumalik ako or else na sayang pera ko. ) :P . Now, i don't have any reason not to go to salon every month, since i went back to my old curly hair, i have to do allot of hair treatment to maintain the good curls and needs to apply mousse everyday.

So there you go i hope you like it and then again, Happy New Year every one. How about you? do you have a my goods stuff to share before New Year?


  1. Hay! I know how it is to have normally curly hair. Gosh. I have a love-hate relationship with mine. Haha. Glad the salon fixed your hair!

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  2. happy new year sweet! love the curls naman :))

  3. Happy New Year! Bagay sayo yung curly hair. :)

  4. IMY babe! Happy New Year! See you soon! <3 Happy New Year!

  5. Happy new year! Receiving gifts you love, is pure love, isn't it? :D 


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