Tuesday, December 6

Product Review: Loreal HYDRAFRESH

Hiyah!!! Sorry for being mia this past few days, i cannot use the computer, since my partner is using it for 12 long hours and i don't like using laptop. And now before she starts her work, i ask her to borrow our PC for 10mins just to post something here in my blog. Here we go.

Are you looking for a moisturizer and a anti-shine before applying your make up? Are you looking for a product that will help you look fresh for long long hours? with or without a make-up?. So here's your answer, LOreal  Paris Icy Gel Hydrafresh anti-shine.

Loreak says. " Pollution, humidity and stressful lifestyle can provoke an excessive sebum production. Hot and damp climate can also cause perspiration: skin loses water, becomes dehydrated, yet appears shiny." Which is true, and  i may say i am those Filipina who experience pollution everyday by waiting for a jeep, taxi and FX, hot  weather, etc. I just wish that all of us can afford to buy a car. :D This product is the first product loreal created using a deep marine source of water, which is enriched with minerals to help prevent water loss and to improve skin moisture.

What i l♥ve about this product:

  • It is not expensive and i only bought it for 381php
  • It is not sticky when you apply it.
  • I love the minty feeling and fresh feeling after application.
  • It really help you not to have a shiny face, with or without a make up.
  • I love the gel because it is not warm when you apply it , unlike the cream based one.
  • It really moisturize my skin for long long hours.
  • I love the matte effect when you apply it, you cannot even see that you apply a moisturizer. 

What i don't like about this product:
  • I doesn't have its own spatula.
My R♥ting: 5/5, this is a perfect product for me and it don't give me any breakouts.

I recommend this product to those Filipina who are always expose to pollution everyday , this product is really best for those girls who has shiny skin type and I've been using this product for almost 2months already and will surely gonna buy my 2nd bottle.. How about you, what moisturizer are you using before applying your make up


  1. I was planning to get myself this product! Love the review! :*

  2. I'm using a sunblock/moisturizer from Snoe. Ang daming pwedeng gamitin. Nakakaloka :P

  3. ermmmm i use 3 moisturizers hehehe. i alternate those and i use kiehl's sunblock. i think for the price l'oreal has really competitive products that won't break the bank. ;)

  4. I can see nga e, nag punta kayo dun. Make a review sis ha...

  5. I was thinking of using different moisturizers din e, but i was thinking bata malito skin ko. di kaya? Good buy nga tong si loreal sakin sis e.

  6. I haven't open my tub of this moisturizer~ Thanks for the review beb! IMY!

  7. mattifying moisturizer... interesting :D

  8. You are welcome babe!!! MIss you too!!!

  9. wow... loreal! thanks for this review, i thought it's expensive!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  10. ...hey thanks sa review. .. Gave me an idea tuloy... Can you recommend din a good night moisturizer that won't cause breakouts? I tried nivea pero for the eye area lang.

  11. Thanks for the review, might consider this product as I am one of those shiny ladies too :)


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