Tuesday, April 26

Colorful nails for colorful summer

This is what i like for summer... all colors are in. Whether you have light or dark skin, it doesn't matter, you can wear it all. Like my nail polish collection for summer, it's all bright colors and even though i have a morena skin, i can still wear any shades of nail polish, like what they have said "nasa nag dadala lng yan".  Honestly speaking I'm really not into going to salon to fix nails ( nakakamad) and for me one manicure is equivalent of 2 nail polish. At the salon, it just the same old same old color that they are offering, unlike you buying it in  Hortaleza, it's alot cheaper and tons of nail polish to try on. Let me share to you my colorful nail polish.

There you go. Just got mess up with the watermark because of being sleepy.
Have a great summer everyone...