Friday, September 30

Tagged & Giveaway: Thanks Cherie

I was tagged again and this one is now from Cherie of . Thanks girl and thank you for being a good blogger friend. So let me share to you this beautiful awards.

I was already tagged before with the last 2 awards and this is the first time i was tagged for Classic Beauty award. 
For those who haven't read my previous award post, let me give you the link.
For Tell me about yourself award here is the link CLICK HERE.
For the Kreativ Blogger Award here is the link CLICK HERE.

Ok before i will tagged 10 Beautiful Bloggers for this awards. Let me share my 7 things about me in line with the Classic Beauty Award. This might sound funny to you but this is true. OLD SCHOOL RULES.

Sunday, September 25

Tagged & Giveaway: Tell Me about yourself award and Myrted's giveaway

I was tagged!!! And this award was given to me by myrted of thanks girl. It's been a long time since i receive an award and this one is definitely different, now i have allot of things in mind now what to write about me. Here we go.

Saturday, September 24

Accessories: Feather Earrings

Since 2010 feather earring is getting into fashion once again and since 70's and 80's. And that's for the Native American tribe who first introduce feathers as an accessories. This trend can carry along all over the seasons. Let me just share to you some of my feather earrings.

I purchase this one at Mia Casa at Port 88 Bazaar last 2010

I got this grey feather at Girlshoppe of 50th Avenue for Php 60

And last got this one at St. Francis Square for Php.80

I might get addicted to feather accessories and will probably gonna buy more loud version of these or possible i can made one for me, i think that will be easy.

So girls, how many is yours?

Wednesday, September 21

Bazaar: Fashion REV Manila

Another Megatent Bazaar, a fashion and lifestyle bazaar for fashionistas. I think that there's allot of cosmetics on this event. But for sure, clothing and shoes are always presents. If you wanna go here see the details below.

October 1 to 2, 2011
10am to 10pm
MEGATENT Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Pasig City.

Product Review: OLAY Shower Cream

OLAY total effect 7 in 1 anti-aging shower cream is one of the things that me and partner loves to use, actually she is the one who encourage me to buy it since she is not fond of using allot of beauty products.. Do you know that on the age of mid 20's sign of aging starts, that's why we really need to take good care of our skin. That's why anti-aging product was made to prevent dryness and helps your skin to be firmed and soft. And of course don't forget to drink vitamins, eat fresh fruit, veggies and allot of waters. Here my OLAY shower cream review.
OLAY shower cream has 3x moisturizer that will make your skin smoother that ever and the good thing about this cream it also contain body butter which we know that body butter use to hydrate and protect your skin.

On left picture above, you will see the creamiest and thickness of the cream, you can even see the brightening minerals on it. Look close on the first picture it has a shimmery gold content. And on the right picture, it shows how my skin glow after using it.

What i like about the product.

  • It smells good.
  • Skin friendly.
  • It will make you skin so smooth after bath.
  • It has a glittery effect after use.
  • Affordable because it is buy one take one.
What i don't like about the product.
  • It has a greasy feeling, it feels like you apply a lotion.
  • You will feel warm after use and i advise to use it on a cold weather.
Overall Rating: 4/5 because it helps my skin soft and smooth. Promise.
Will i buy again? Yes, i will. I love using it before bedtime.

Better check this one at Robinson's department store, i think this one is still on sale.

So girls have you already try this?

Tuesday, September 20

2nd Port 88 Experience

It' a super rainy Saturday afternoon when i arrived at megatent and this is a tiring Saturday for me travelling back and forth from home to my apartment, still i manage to be here just to meet Gen and to see what's on there 2nd bazaar. Here are some of the pictures that i took, it is just few because i ran out of battery that day.

 One of the thing that i enjoy on this bazaar is the very affordable Pringles! Php100 for 2, hihihi...  And the 2 for Php999 of SO Fab which i didn't buy anything from them this time. And meeting new people is one of the best thing i enjoy on this bazaar, as you can see on the right picture there is Aries and Gen ( Beauty Blogger).  Aries  De Guzman is the Owner and the Plus Size designer of ERZULLIE. I was suppose to buy her Kimono inspired blazer on the next day, but i was tired when i arrived home from Quiapo. Any way, if you want to check her beautiful designed go and check there website: They do sell affordable and fashionable clothes for plus size women.

Bloggers Giveaways: A Charming Giveaways by Gelleesh & Tiny Pink Bow

A charming giveaways provided by gellesh and tiny pink bow. A lovely charm bracelet personally made by Miss Kat.

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Wednesday, September 14

Giveaways: Join Hollie's 300 followers giveaways.

Hollie of Random beauty already reached 300 followers and she is giving away allot of prices.

If you wanna join click HERE

Tuesday, September 13

Giveaways: Kristel's ELF Collection Giveaway

 A super raining ELF products giveaway from kristel, this is her collection and she is giving it to her followers.

So if your want to join just click HERE

Nail Sparty at The Nail Boutique nail grooming & SPA

Meet the owners and Charles
Last Sunday Sept. 11, 2011 Charles invited us to a Nail SPA treat to review her friend Desiree Morales nail boutique. It is a fun and relaxing moment having a Nail SPA with Charles, Papa E, Lody and Lori. And at long last i finally met Charles in person and i am super shy mode that time (parang nakikipag date ka for the first time).

The Nail Boutique is located at 34 Matalino street Dilima Quezon city. This is along Sulo Hotel at the front of Tree House Resto. There location is very accessible and there's allot of restaurant, resto-bar and food chain in the area.

We arrive on there boutique around 11am and while walking on there stairs, i already smell the sweet scent of their place, the owner of this boutique are so friendly and accommodating. On the on set of our hi and hellos they ask us to sit immediately on their so comfy-cute sofa and offered us some drinks. I really like the ambiance and sitting on there sofa makes me feel like a princess.  Here's the picture that i took on there beautiful boutique.

Saturday, September 10

Product Review: NICHIDO & Everbilena Eye Pencil

I remember way back in 90's girls are very fond of using eye pencil for there brows and eyes, there's no eyebrow kit back then and one line eyebrows is the trend that time. And i was one of them back in high school. That's why i never fail buying at least one eye pencil for my brows because it is so hard to fix your brows if you are on a  hurry. So let me share the eye pencil that i use to fix my brows.

 As you can see i have 3 shades: Everbilena (brown) which is lighter compare to Nichido (Black Brown ) & (Brown). Let me start my review.


  • Both pencil has a length of  2 1/2 inch
  • Nichido has 1gram and  Everbilena has no indication.
  • Everbilena is sharpener friendly and Nichido is not.
  • Price is less than Php100
What i like about the product:
  • Both of them has a good pigmentation.
  • Easy to apply, but Nichido is much softer compare to Everbilena.
  • Affordable and you can use it for a long period of time.
What i don't like about the product:
  • Nichido: can easily remove and smudgy on hot season.
  • Everbilena: Can't of any.
Rating: 5/5 and i will gonna buy this two products.

Everbilena brown pencil is good on brow modification, especially if you want a thick brown brows. For Nichido i am using this for both my brows and eye line.  So girls are you still fond of buying the old school eye pencil to fix your brows?

Thursday, September 8

Bazaar: 2nd Port 88 Bazaar

We're just talking about this earlier and now at last another Port 88 Bazaar this month. I even blog there first bazaar here and their event last year is a great success, we bought allot of affordable stuff on this bazaar , shoes, bags and clothes, etc. So if you are looking for more fashionable and discounted branded clothes, better check out Port 88 Bazaar.

 I already told this to my partner and i hope that we could go here ( sana pumayag!!). I just wanna share this to you guys since i have a great experience on their bazaar last year.

DATES:  September 17 to 18, 2011

Venue: The Megatent Event Venue, Meralco Ave., Pasig City

Mark your calendar girls on these dates.

Wednesday, September 7

Product Review: NICHIDO Girls Night out Eye Pencil

This post should have been posted last month, due to expo thingy i already forgot to post it. :D I bought this eye pencil because i want my eye to look little lighter when i am not wearing any eye shadow. And this one was recommended to me by a friend, she told me to use this with a concealer, because i have a dark eye circle and having a dark eye circle is a big burden for me, i look like wearing an eyeshadow even if im not. Hay.. ok here's my review.

Monday, September 5

Product Review: NYX Lip Smacking Lip Color on Penelope & Chic Red

At long last i got my first ever NYX Lipstick and i got it from Digital TrainCase at Phil Expo 2011 and i would like to thank you ladies for giving good reviews about NYX lipstick that's why i was encourage to buy 2. I am really fond of trying and taking a risk of trying different shades of lipstick and this is the attitude that I've learned from my mom. Lets start the review.

Sunday, September 4

Phoebe's Birthday give away

Phoebe of is giving a tons of products for her birthday. There will be 3 winners on her birthday givie away, so if you want to join just click HERE.
Stach 1

Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2011 Experience

Hello ladies, another bazaar/expo experience again at Mega Trade Hall and i suppose to experience this with my co-bloggers on the same time and day. But what happen, most of them had to run an errand, got sick and can't make it on time. But even though we didn't meet today, i know they will find ways to go here since we are talking about discounted beauty products. :D Good thing my partner and my friend jacq is with me and help me look for a good buys and thanks for my partner who become my official photographer for today ♥.  Here are the stores that we visit.
First store to visit is Digital Traincase, there products mark down to 20% and that's a big discount hehehe. And this is the reason why i wanna go here is to get a big discount. Aww!!!

Saturday, September 3

Not your ordinary beauty queen giveaway.

Another giveaway from mar. She is giving away h & m leather bracelet. And if you want to joing just click the JOIN below.


Warts Removal Experience at MiCara Medical

Last month we got a good deal at Metro Deal for unlimited warts removal, instead of you paying for Php3k you only need to pay Php300 for the treatment, this offer really amazed me since it's my first time to experience a warts removal treatment. After paying it online we called there office to make an appointment at their branch in Eastwood Libis QC, which is near our place. The girl on the phone said that there's no more slot for august and september, that's why we were advised to get our treatment at their branch in commonwealth, QC. Ok go! excited ako e. Heto na!!! Here's my lovely.. O_o experience.