Sunday, October 30

Product Review: NICHIDO True Colors Collection eyeshadow

This review should have been done last month and i forgot about it because last month is my training and adjustment period and i am having a hard time managing things that why i forgot to post it. Let me start with my review.

Nichido true colors collection eyeshadow can be bought on individual shade or in sets. This individual shades is very handy and i can even put in on my pocket and coin purse. The colors are so pigmented and easy to apply.

You can buy this products for 68php each.  As you can see some times we tend to buy a set of eyeshadows because of 1 or 2 colors that we like and  having an individual shades has more grams/color compare to a set.

And the reason why i choose this shade because it is a earth tone color and i can use it everyday in the office. But of course i am still thinking of buying more colorful pallete so that i can play with it and used it on my party party days.

Getting a drug store make-up is ok because if its budget friendly and there shades last for long long year. What i mean is that they are evolving in terms of there products but old school colors are still there. And these products are easily to find.

I think Nichido true colors collection has 10 or 12 colors in the market. And i just recently buy there pure white color shade. So girls if you wanna try this out. Just go to your nearest mall and grab one now. Happy weekend again.

Haul: Last October haul

This is my last haul for October and will make a review about these products by November. I am so sorry if i am on and off on my blog. I've been super busy with my work and with my daughter since its their sem-break.

Good thing that there's an October sale in megamall, that's why i bought some of these products on sale. And if you want to have a weekend shopping today, just drop at megamall and get your favorite items for a discounted price.

I do love shopping especially on those in need days & if i really really need to buy things for myself , but i  make sure that i will buy it all in one time and i make sure that these things can be used in months since money matters to me nowadays and need to save allot for our future. Thank you GOD for the blessings.

Sunday, October 23

Collective Haul for October

Hiyah!!! Hows your weekend girls? Me i just had this meet and greet with aya and marg of KMBI yesterday at trinoma. Me and aya just did a little shopping after the meet and greet with marg and we just had a little chit chat lang, since it's almost late na din and i have to go for the last ride of MRT going home.

Anyway. here is my collective  haul for October:

Thursday, October 20

Product Review: Mousse Concealer by Everbilena

Looking for a good concealer is very hard especially if you do have dark eye circles like me. I was looking for Maybelline mousse concealer but it's no longer available. That's why i ended buying Everbilena product again. At first i was thinking twice about it, but when the sales lady tried to put it on my eyes i was amaze, it is a good thing i am not wearing make that day.  And i badly need a new concealer to hide my tired eye in the office. So let me share to you my new found baby.

It is a 12g mousse concealer with a light and handy well sealed container. You ca bring it in the office and it is space friendly for your make up kit.

Monday, October 17

Outlet SALE and Props tools and cosmetics visit

Last week is a sales week for everybody from Friday to Sunday. Everybody's getting gaga to go to malls and do early Christmas shopping. Me i go gaga on paying the bills and rent. Lord give me strength. Anyway, since shopping is my stress reliever i go to Tiendesita's outlet sale just to buy at least one item to pamper myself and the place is just 10 steps away from the office.

There are some good items available on their outlet sale but none of them impress me. What i just did i grab a reva rubber sandals for Php215 so that i can use it on rainy season. Here are the picture that i took while checking the bazaar.

Next stop is Props tools and cosmetics. I order online for 32 lippie under Gellie's affiliate page, but sad the 32 lippie is out of stock, that's why i ended buying klean colours crack polish. I suppose to grab the 88 matte pallete but i was thinking to buy it if my partner is not there. Hehehe. Because i don't want to hear "eyeshadow again?!!" :( But i will go there next payday and grab the palette, but ate the store keeper said that they will launch new items by November, so i will going to check it out. Here is the photos that i took in there store.
So for those who haven't heard about props here is there website . Or visit their store at Fashion Village in Tiendesitas.

Thursday, October 13

Got my prize: H&M leather bands

Again and again, thank you so much MAR of NYOBQ for this lovely giveaway and i even say WOW with a loud tone of voice when i got your message, good thing i was in the front my monitor that night and my trainer just think that i was amaze with our topic. LOL .

I am wasn't aware that i won because i was busy on training for the past 3weeks and i am super information overload when i got home and sometimes fail to read blog na nga e. Sorry girls. But at least i learned to manage my time na, 20% on blogging 40% for my job and 40% with me and my family. My partner is happy na nga e, because she can use the computer anytime she like, unlike before when i resign and stuck for 2 months, blogging is 50% of my life. Hihihi.

So now girls here's my lovely gifts from Mar.

This lovely bands was deliver via courier and i didn't took the picture of the courier package since my and mar's details are on it. This is such a lovely bands, i like this because, i didn't get any skin irritation when i try it on. The leather texture has no warm feeling wheny ou wear it. And the charm on it is not heavy and that's what i like. So girls if you want to have a fab and posh giveaways or experience this as well, better read / always read Mar's blog, because she definitely give unique giveaway. Thanks MAR again and again. And thanks you for being so friendly. Muah!

Tuesday, October 11

Product Review: Everbilena Pink Flame Matte Lipstick

New found baby from everbilena. Another matte lipstick collection and it's a good buy for me since my colour collection vintage matte lipstick is saying goodbye. I was so luck when i bought this, because it's a new delivery and i saw the sales agent doing her inventory for there new stock. Lucky me....

What i love about this product:

  • It's is so pigmented.
  • A perfect matte lipstick for me.
  • Easy to find product.
  • No allergic reaction.
  • Affordable and it's only Php 125.00
  • No bad smell.
What i don't like about the product:
  • It's not long lasting and you need to apply it again after eating.
Will i buy again? YES and it's a recommendable products. 5/5 rating

If you want to know why i love Everbilena product click here and for you to see my other EB matte lipstick.

Sunday, October 9

Product Review: Everbilena Cheek Blush (Honest)

Hello ladies!!! Sorry for being so lazy posting reviews on this blog. As you can see i have new job now, so it means to say, less blogging and need to focus on training. Thank's insomnia and i can write reviews again. So here is my 1st haul for this October and i will try to post more reviews or even FOTD's this month.

Everbilena Cheek Blush in Honest

Another blush collection for me from everbilena and for you to check out my post and review about there blush kindly click here this will  give information about everbilena cheek blush. So let me show you the how pigmented this one is. 
for those girls who's interested on buying this. There current price right now for this blush is Php. 149.00 . Same packaging and same brush and mirror inside. So there you go girls. Sorry if this review is too short, just check details on the link i provided above, since they didn't change anything on there blush.  Muah!

Sunday, October 2

Product Review: Asian Secret's Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

Before buying this product i search for some reviews, read comments and reactions about this product to help me decided whether i'm gonna buy this or not. And thanks to pammy of and other bloggers who post a great reviews specially those bloggers who's done using this product and by getting a good outcome after using it. So now it' time for me to tell you guys how terrific and good this product is.

Like what it said on the label. It will gentlly expoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells to soften and give radiant glow. And if you use ti frequently it can get rid of the dark patches on your skin easily, which i my self can testify that it is true.

What i like about the product.

  • Cheap for Php 130.00 250g bottle.
  • Easy to apply on your skin.
  • No bad smell.
  • Skin friendly, i didn't get any skin irritation.
What i don;t like.
  • Can't think of any thing.
Rating: 5/5
Will i buy again: YES!!! I will buy always.

I would like to say two thumbs up for this product because it really works for me. Let me tell you why. I have a dark chicken skin on the upper part of my elbow, because i used to rest my arms in a arm chair everytime i use the computer. I tried diffident oils treatments to remove it but it didn't work, until i found Asian Secret's Lulur Whitening Body Scrub. After a week i can see the difference. I know it will take a while for it's to be remove , that's why i always use this before taking a bath and remember girls use it before taking a bath, it is more effective if you will apply the scrub while your skin is dry. 

How about you?