Wednesday, November 30

Getting addicted with matte nail polish

Owww yes!!! 25 days before Christmas and in the mood of matte nail polishes. It gives me a different nail look every-time i wear it. That's why i bought my first ever matte nail polish from Etude house. And this is the first ever etude product that i bought. Hehehe. My partner don't about know this.

I bought this for 98php, and the bottle is so small and i think the bottle is for 10ml only. When you are applying a mate polish, make sure to apply it fast because it easily dries up and the polish is getting sticky when it expose to much.

Sorry for the mess
I love the polish but the matte don't last too long and it shines a bit after 6 hrs. But the god thing about this product is that, it doesn't dries my nails and you can easily remove it. So for those girls "who haven't" got it yet, grab one now and visit your near Etude store.

Product Review: Nichido Final Powder

" Picture perfect-skin in any light, highlights you with soft sheer, flawless effect that keeps natural glow, with this final touch, it even skin-tone and disguising imperfection." - NICHIDO

Yes, that what nichido says about their new product "FINAL POWDER". These powder is loose powder and you can only apply it after putting make-up. I choose SO NATURAL because it blends well on my skin color. Their container is well sealed and it comes with a powder sponge.And I've been using this powder for more than a month now. 

What i like about the product:
  • Its not expensive for 135.00php only
  • NO allergic reaction.
  • I does give me a good final touch after putting maker up.
  • I can also use this with out make up and it give me a fresh look.

What i don't like about this product:
  • I don't like the smell
  • You have to open the powder filter , if you wanna get more powder.
Will i gonna buy again? Yes.
Rating: 4/5

I recommend this product for those girls who is fond of using loose powder like me. You can get this powder in any department store near you.

Wednesday, November 23

Product Review: Bench Matte Sculpting Wax

Are you tired of seeing those tangled hairs? well, here's my solution. Try bench fix professional matte sculpting wax, it has a strong hold and less shine when you apply it on your hair.

What i love about this product:

  • Inexpensive and its only for 50+php only.
  • Handy
  • I love the smell
  • When you apply the wax in your hair, its really visible
  • It is not sticky
  • It can last for 12hrs in your hair.
  • It is not hard to remove when you take a bath.
What i don't like:
  • can't think of anything.
Rating: 5/5 and i will buy again and again.

I am using  their Bench fix clay before, but i stop using it because it is so hard to remove when you wash your hair. So, have you already tried this?

Tuesday, November 22

Thanks Diane!!!!

Again, thanks Diane for this lovely gifts and sorry again if our meet up didn't push thru and i know you already know what happen. Thanks again for this lovely gift. 

The reason why i am thanking Diane is because, i won on her give away last month and it was really a surprising day for me when Gen texted me and informed me about my prizes. Hihihi thanks din babe. So here's my winning items from Diane.

ES Lashes A009 10pairs from KKCenterHK
LORAC Eyeshadow in Garnet
Authentic Bench Native Fashionable Tote Bag (Large)
Bare Minerals Mini Pure Radiance All over Face Color
Bare Minerals New BUXOM Lash Mascara- Black (Full sized)
Zena Big & Healthy Lip Polish
Bare Minerals Mini Face Brush

12 amazing products from Human nature which my love ones are eyeing for.

It's really allot and i can't wait to write a review about these, but i might review some of it, since most of it has already been snatched by my sissy. :( And again, thank you Diane.

Thursday, November 17

Product Review: Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm

The next generation of lip balm is born and this is what Maybelline New York says, and they created a lip balm that provides SPF20 to protect your lips from sun rays, win or cold temperature. And Baby lip can shed away rough dryness.

This is the first a lip balm that i used that has a SPF20 and i will give 2 thumbs up for Maybelline. I really need this product that's why i bought it. I am commuter, i always ride jeep, fx and i have to wait for like 15mins just to get a ride and the sun is so hot in the afternoon and having a afternoon shift really pissed me off.

What i love about this product:

  • The minty smell.
  • It smoothens my lips.
  • Affordable for 79php.
  • Easy to find.
  • Handy
What i don't like:
  • Can't think of anything.
Rating: 5/5 and will continue to buy this.

So girls if you are looking for a lip protection, grab Maybelline Baby lip now. How about you? what is you lip protection?

Wednesday, November 16

Product Review: Pure Beauty Super Brightening Eye Gel

I know that i've been so quite this past few days. It is a painful week for me and my family and i know some of you know what happen.

So for me to cope up to you guys, i will share my experience using Pure Beauty's Super Brightening Eye gel. This eye gel is made in Korea and it was endorse/market by Watson Philippines.

The reason why i bought this product is because of the dark circles around my eyes. Thou i was born morena but having a dark eye bags really makes me look so tired and masungit. But thanks to concealers and make-up foundation to cover those dark spots, but of-course my face needs to breath from make-up and sometimes we had those lazy days not putting any make-up especially on those hot weather times.

So now girls, let me share to you how great this product is. I know there are some reviews that says they're not happy with this because puffiness is still showing. Well, c'mon girls this is a product to brightens the dark circle not a miracle gel for puffiness.

What i love about this product:
  • It's not too expensive and it only cost 183php
  • No allergic reaction
  • No bad smell
  • It has a sexy tube and it is not messy to use.
  • I does lightens my eyes.
What i don't like about this product:
  • can't think of anything
Will i gonna buy again?: Probably yes, if they still have this in the market.

Rating: 4/5

Here is the sample picture of before and after i use this product. And for your information, i am using this product for 1 month na.

So there you go girls i hope you like it. This is one of the best product that I've used. And i do recommend this product

Sunday, November 6

Product Review: Island Basics Body Scrubs Green Tea and Olive

Are you a body scrub lover like me? So if you are let me share to you my experience with Island basics body scruds. Island basics body scrubs has a all natural ingredients and it have a VCO ( virgin coconut oil content) which i find healthy. This body scrub gently expoliate your skin to remove deep seated dirt for you to have a smoother and healthier skin.

The one that i am using right now is their Green Tea and olive body scrub, it is a anti-aging scrub. This scrub has Vit E, VCO, Japanese green tea and olive oil, olive extracts, apricot seeds and foaming lotion. These contents are proven ingredients that are good for our skin.

Here is how this scrubs look like.  The leaves that you can see are the Japanese Tea and the small dot on the picture are the apricot seeds. So let me tell you my ratings for this item.

What i love about this product:
  • It is affordable for 150php
  • I love the smell
  • You can feel that your skin absorbs the oil while scrubbing
  • Its has VCO, it means it is really healthy.
What i don't like about this product
  • Because it has a real Japanese tea leaves on it, it will definitely fall on your bathroom floor while scrubbing, and you have to clean the floor or the drainage after your bath.
Overall rating: 8/10 and i do recommend this products to you girls. So for those interested with Island basic products you can visit their  website: and like them at facebook: island basics Philippines.

This is their other scrub. I am sure you will like it.

Product Review & NOTD: Cracked nails using Klean color and caronia

Hello ladies, today let me share to you my experience using Klean Color cracked nail polish. I bought this polish from props and cosmetics for 180php and i also use caronia platinum silver as the base.

Saturday, November 5

Product Review: Island Basics Bug off spray

Hello ladies,

Again sorry for being lazy posting stuff her on my blog, again im busy with work last month but like what i promise to you i will going to post allot of things for November. Let me starts with a non-make up related product but this will help you to have a relaxing living. Let me start by introducing Island Basics.

Island basics was formed by Patricia and decided to make their own all-natural products. They want to create a product that is environmental friendly and good for our skin too. Their products are locally made with a reasonable price. So let me share to you their island basics bug off spray.

DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE. On of the big hitch here in the Philippines, this decease can hit anyone, no age limit. Good thing, there are companies who provides prevention's with this type of decease.  But of course prevention should comes to us first, by cleaning our neighborhood and avoiding things that will cause this deceases .

And that's why Island basic create a spray to shoo these little devils or what we called mosquito's. IB bug off spray consists of  ethyl alcohol, essential oils of lemongrass and mandarin. This smell can keep insects away. you just need to spray this to your upholstery and curtains.

What i like about the product:
    - It has a relaxing smell everytime i spray it in my bed and my sofa
    - NO allergic reaction, since i am a asthmatic person
    - It's a budget friendly product. for 180php.
    - It is really effective in keeping those mosquito's away.

What i don't like about the product:
   - For me it only last for 4 hrs. But my partner said she can still smell it until the next day.

Friday, November 4

I support KMBI

I am proud to say that I support KMBI. And what is KMBI? KMBI is a non-profit organization, a Christ-centered organization who provides microfinance service for poor, trainings and values formations. And they have a good impact with their clients for 25 years.

They focuses their attention to poor entrepreneurial women and these are those women who stay at home and micro-financing helps them to support their family income by being self employed. This year they already conducted a environmental projects and one of their project is what they called “ Beauty with a conscience”

Beauty with a conscience project is a growing awareness to battle climate change and to educate people on the impact of human consumption. This project will allow other companies to support our environment by giving at least one peso per sold item and they call it "Piso para sa KMBI" project.
Any environmental company can be a KMBI partner and the donation will help KMBI to do their project like, river clean ups, urban gardening, recycling, clean up drives, waterways de-clogging, tree and mangrove planting.

So if you want to battle climate change and you want to help our environment, act now and do your part. Like what KMBI’s doing, they save lives and help our environment. For more information about KMBI and their updated project you can visit their website .